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Summary of the 2007 CEDAR-DASI Workshop

The CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions) Workshop for 2007 was held at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico from Sunday June 23 through Thursday June 28, with Friday June 29 as the day for the DASI (Distributed Arrays of Small Instruments) Workshop. A total of 300 participants, 65 coming to CEDAR for the first time, came from 73 institutions, 13 outside the United States and Puerto Rico. There were 47 universities, 18 laboratories, and 8 small businesses. Of the 113 CEDAR students and post-docs, 21 were undergraduate students, and 6 came from universities or labs in Taiwan (1), Japan (2), Peru (1) and Korea (2).

This year, we instituted a MediaWiki wiki for the workshop available to all participants to upload their presentations and link them via editing, or to make comments on the Forum. Workshop conveners are encouraged to edit their workshop descriptions on the wiki in order that these descriptions, linked presentations, and forum comments become their final workshop reports.

A draft of the 2008 CEDAR Workshop at Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah is also on the wiki. Many other sections of the CEDAR web pages will migrate to the wiki where members of the community can edit them.

The theme of the Student Workshop on Sunday was 'Winds in the Upper Atmosphere', arranged by Romina Nikoukar of the University of Illinois. There were two keynote tutorials given by Jeffrey Forbes of the University of Colorado on 'Dynamics of the Thermosphere' and by Arthur Richmond of HAO/NCAR on 'Neutral Winds and their Role in Ionospheric Electrodynamics'. These talks and others are available in .pdf form on their respective session pages. After 4 PM, the students had free time for soccer in the park, or swimming and volleyball at the Fort Marcy Recreation Center under the direction of Michael Nicolls of SRI, who was the second year 'student' on the CSSC (CEDAR Science Steering Committee). Michael also arranged a workshop aimed at students featuring Peter Fiske who spoke on 'Putting your Degree to Work'. Peter's book, 'Put Your Science to Work: The Take-Charge Career Guide for Scientists' published by AGU was available at the workshop and could be ordered. The new student representative joining Romina is Jonathan Fentzke of the [University of Colorado].

The CEDAR Prize Lecture was given in the Monday plenary session by John Plane of the [University of Leeds] in the UK on 'Meteoric Smoke - Where on Earth is it?'. For the first time, the tutorials were arranged around the MLT (Mesosphere-Lower-Thermosphere) theme of the Prize Lecture. Three tutorials were presented on the following days by Diego Janches of Colorado Research Associates ('The Micrometeor Flux in the MLT'), David Siskind of the Naval Research Laboratory ('State of the Art of Modeling the Mesosphere'), and John Meriwether of Clemson University ('State of the Art in Mesosphere Science'). These talks, the student keynote lectures, and supplementary materials are available in .pdf form at http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/workshop/videolist.html and are also on the wiki and are linked to the agenda. These six long talks were video-taped and are available on DVDs. Please contact Barbara Emery (HAO/NCAR, PO Box 3000, Boulder CO 80307) if interested in obtaining hard copies and/or DVDs.

Miguel Larsen of Clemson University gave a science highlight on 'An Overview of the 2007 Poker Flat Sounding Rocket Campaign' and Craig Heinselman updated the community on the status of AMISR at Poker Flat (PFISR). Peter Fox of HAO/NCAR spoke on the 'CEDAR Database Update and Virtual Observatories'. Richard Behnke of NSF informed the community about NSF and the NSF Small Satellite initiative. This was followed by a workshop on Small Satellites on Wednesday that included a working pizza lunch.

We heard four CEDAR Post-Doc reports by Endawoke Yizengaw of the University of California in Los Angeles on Monday, Mitsum Eijiri of Utah State University on 'Momentum fluxes of mesospheric gravity waves and the background wind', Joseph Comberiate of Applied Physics Laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University on 'Coordinated Space-Based Observations of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles Using TIMED/Global Ultraviolet Imager (GUVI) and Defense Meteorological Satellites Program', and Ningyu Liu at the Pennsylvania State University on 'Modeling Studies of Optical Properties of Sprite Streamers and Their Chemical Effects On the Upper Atmosphere'.

Including the Student and DASI Workshops, there were 27 workshops total, one less than last year. Final reports for most of the specific workshops will be at: http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/workshop/archive/2007/wklist_2007.html and on the wiki, where we hope many presenters will upload their materials.

There were 119 posters at the Monday and Tuesday poster sessions, including 74 student posters (14 less than last year), of which 59 took part in the student poster competition. Prizes were a certificate and a selection of classic books, most donated by Alan Peterson of Whitworth College. The judges picked first place winners from each session, Matthew Zettergren (POI-03) of Boston University who chose the two-book set by Banks and Kockarts, and Jeremy Riousset (SPR-01) of the Pennsylvania State University who chose a book by Houghton. The second place winners were Chad Carlson (ITI-04) of the University of Illinois (Chamberlain aurora book), and Ashley Wiren (MLT-01) of the University of Colorado (Humphreys book). Honorable mentions were Tzu-Wei (Vicky) Fang (EQU-03) of the National Central University in Taiwan who is visiting at NCAR (Johnson and Killeen edited book), Shasha Zou (STI-04) of UCLA (Omholt book), Chunmei Kang (MLT-04) of the University of Colorado (Brasseur and Solomon book), and Alexander Hassiotis (GWM-02) of the Pennsylvania State University (Gossard and Hooke book). A special undergraduate award was also given to Roger Varney (GWI-02) of Cornell University (Deepak book). Thanks to Alan Peterson and all the judges who spent so much of their time judging the posters.

We took a 48-passenger bus from Boulder, Colorado to Santa Fe and back with between 8 and 13 passengers. This bus was then used for trips and to take students back and forth between Fort Marcy Suites and the Eldorado Hotel. We took the bus for a shopping expedition at Tin-Nee-Ann's Trading Company on Monday, and to a Santa Fe Destinations tour of Chimayo and the view from White Rock by Los Alamos.

The 2008 CEDAR Workshop will go to Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah from Monday June 16 (Student Worskhop) to Saturday June 21 in order to overlap with the joint GEM/SHINE Workshop at Zermatt from Sunday June 22 to Friday June 27. We will return to the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009 from Sunday June 28 (Student Workshop) to noon on Friday July 3.