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CEDAR Workshop in Zermatt Resort in 2008

The Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) 2008 Workshop will be held in Midway, Utah at the Zermatt Resort between Monday June 16 Student Workshop and Saturday ~12:30 PM June 21. The Student Workshop will be held in half of the Matterhorn ballroom. The icebreaker buffet supper will be served in the Matterhorn ballroom on Monday 16 June at 7:30 PM. The registration fee is $350 ($200 or $100 for CEDAR graduate or undergraduate students). The joint GEM/SHINE starts at the Zermatt Resort on Sunday June 22 (Student Workshop) and ends Friday June 27. An NSF-sponsored CEDAR/GEM/SHINE Community Models Workshop will be held on Sunday June 22. Because cof the overlap of CEDAR with GEM/SHINE, there will also be some 'additional' workshops Saturday afternoon, such as the continuation of Second AMISR Science Planning Workshop with sessions starting Friday afternoon June 20 and ending Saturday afternoon June 21.

Bedrooms at the Zermatt Resort are available for the special rate of $109/night (12.55% tax) with an additional resort fee of $15/night. The Resort Fee includes shuttle service to Park City and within a 5 mile radius of the Resort; Wellness Center (full fitness center, indoor/outdoor pool, outdoor tennis and volleyball courts); 800 connection and local access phone; in-room wired and wireless internet, daily newspaper; and valet, bell & housekeeping gratuities. There are no parking charges at Zermatt.

Other information is located in the agenda, accommodations, extra-curricular activities, and student funding information.

Air Fares, Airports, Shuttles, Rental Cars

Students are asked to fly into Salt Lake City. Colorado students will only get $100 in travel funds if they do not take the bus from Colorado. Equivalent air fares for students are listed for many cities in Student Funding.

The Salt Lake City airport is about 50?min from Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah. Rental cars are a possibility since the shuttles to Zermatt Resort are relatively expensive.

  •  ??$ for rental cars (Parking at Zermatt is free.)
  •  ??URL for shuttle (~$65 round trip)
  •  ??Info on taking hotel or Aspen vans from SLC to Zermatt

For those without a car, the resort fee covers shuttle trips to nearby Park City in a 15-passenger van that leaves approximately on the hour depending on individual sign-ups. (These trips cannot be arranged for groups.) In addition, our Colorado CEDAR bus will make frequent trips into Park City (~20 minutes away from Midway) during the day (except when used for special extra-curricular trips) and in the evenings so participants can sample some of the many restaurants in Park City. Check the bus schedule below for times (which could change).

CEDAR Bus from Colorado

The excursion bus used for the participants will be a luxury bus rented in Fort Collins to take students free and non-students and spouses ($100/person round-trip, $50/person one-way, kids free) from Fort Collins and Boulder to Midway. We will have to have a waiver for travelers under the age of 18 for insurance purposes. We will then have a bus to use for student activities, special field trips, and other events.

Midway is ~517 miles from Boulder via I-80. The time taken by the bus will only be a little longer than flying from Denver and taking a shuttle considering that passengers must get to airports about 2 hours in advance of their flight. We will leave Sunday morning June 15 from Boulder (LASP parking lot (1234 Innovation Dr, north side near Colorado and 35th plus a stop if wanted at NCAR Foothills Lab in front, 3450 Mitchell Lane); make a pick-up in Fort Collins (at CSU near Physics wing and nitrogen tank); stop for lunch somewhere (Rawlins? - there is a great Thai restaurant called Anongs in downtown Rawlins, but also fast-food by I-80), and arrive in Midway just before dinner. The bus returns to Colorado on Saturday June 21 at 1 PM with box lunches for riders. The CEDAR Colorado bus will be used Monday through Friday to shuttle to and from Park City, but any excursions will revise these shuttle hours, so every day a CEDAR bus schedule will be posted at the registration desk. An approximate itinerary is:

Express Charters 48-Passenger Bus
Sunday 15 June 2008
08:30Pick up at LASP parking lot
08:45Pick up at NCAR Center Green circle drive
09:15Pick up at CSU near Physics wing
12:00-13:00Lunch on own ~Rawlins??
18:00-19:00Arrive at Zermatt Resort
Monday, 16 June 2008
10:00, 12:25, 14:00, 16:00, 18:30, 19:30 Bus departs from Zermatt Resort to Park City (place TBD)
13:25, 14:30, 16:30, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 Bus departs Park City (place TBD) for Zermatt Resort
Tuesday-Thursday, 17-19 June 2008
10:00, 11:40, 14:00, 16:00, 18:30, 19:30 Bus departs from Zermatt Resort to Park City (place TBD)
12:40, 14:30, 16:30, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 Bus departs Park City (place TBD) for Zermatt Resort
Friday, 20 June 2008
10:00, 11:25, 14:00, 16:00, 18:30, 19:30 Bus departs from Zermatt Resort to Park City (place TBD)
13:10, 14:30, 16:30, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 Bus departs Park City (place TBD) for Zermatt Resort
Saturday, 21 June 2008
10:00 Bus departs from Zermatt Resort to Park City (place TBD)
12:00 Bus departs Park City (place TBD) for Zermatt Resort
13:00 Bus departs Zermatt Resort for Colorado (with box lunches for riders)
18:00-19:00Dinner on own around Laramie??
21:30Drop off at CSU near Physics wing
22:00Drop off at NCAR Center Green circle drive in NE Boulder
22:15Drop off at LASP parking lot in Boulder

Workshop Information and Registration

Please see the agenda for further details. The student workshop topic is "Space Weather Influences on the Ionosphere" where student representative Jonathan Fentzke (jonathan.fentzke@colorado.edu) is in charge with the help of the social coordinator student representative Romina Nikoukar (nikoukar@uiuc.edu). The student workshop will be held Monday June 16 in half of the Matterhorn ballroom before the reception/buffet at 7:30 PM. There will be student sporting activities between 4 and 7:30 PM.

Various CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC) members are in charge of different aspects of the CEDAR Workshop, as listed in contacts.

This web site also has

Registration packets will be available at the registration area on Monday. Registration is on-line and receipts for credit card payments will be sent via email. There will be a processing fee of $15 for cancellations.

Poster Sessions

About 130 CEDAR posters are expected, which will be divided into 2 sessions in the Bernese Center. All posters can go up on Monday? and must come down Friday?. The MLT (Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere) session is Tuesday 17 June from 4-7 PM and the non-MLT session is Thursday 19 June from 4-7 PM. The CEDAR student posters in competition (~65) need to be posted from Tuesday morning through Thursday evening. The CSSC poster chair is Diego Janches (diego@cora.nwra.com). There will be substantial snacks at the poster sessions, and probably a cash bar.

Student Certification, Lodging, and Funding

Students need certification (an email) from their advisers that they are working in an area of CEDAR related work before they are eligible for funding. All CEDAR students need to fill in the biographical form that is part of the registration process.

Round trip air fare or the equivalent is available to students from US institutions. Students must apply for funding and register by May 9. Further funding details are in student funding information. CEDAR Students who receive any lodging or travel support will be asked to fill out and sign their travel voucher at the beginning of the meeting. Students who get air fare must give us a photocopy of their plane ticket receipt by May 23, in order to expedite the process of refunding students after the meeting.

To guarantee travel funds for students from US institutions, a CEDAR student registration fee of $200 for graduate students or $100 for undergraduate students is needed. Please ask your adviser to pay this. Your adviser can ask for a waiver in hardship cases. Students from foreign institutions do not get travel funds, so their registration fee is waived and they MAY receive per diem funds to help cover their air travel if their adviser asks for it.

All students will receive free lodging, but will have to pay for family members that accompany them. Free student housing is in rooms for 3 or 6 students at Zermatt Resort.

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