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Extra Curricular Activities at the 2009 CEDAR Workshop

We will use the Colorado bus for most of the extra curricular activities at the 2009 CEDAR Workshop.

4-7 PM Sunday June 28: Annual CEDAR Soccer Game and Ultimate Frisbee (mostly students)

See Jonathan Fentzke for details at the Student Workshop, or contact Julie Cross at the registration desk.

1105 AM - 1345 PM Monday June 29, Tin-nee-Ann Trading Company

The Colorado bus takes anyone wishing to shop for relatively cheap and plentiful souvenirs to Tin-nee-Ann Trading Company. No sign up is necessary, contact the registration desk for details, and catch the bus on the North side of the Eldorado hotel out the back of the Zia concourse.

1230-0500 PM Thursday July 2, Bandalier National Monument

The Colorado bus takes students ($5 each) and others ($10 each, including family and friends) to Bandalier National Monument with hiking and Anasazi ruins. Water is provided, but this is just after the short lunch on Thursday. No guide is provided. We will have 2+ hours at Bandalier to explore on your own. Sign up and pay by the registration desk. Contact Julie Cross at the registration desk (cell phone 303-807-4189) for details.