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22 June 2010 CEDAR Workshop MLT Poster List

There are 71 Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere (MLT) posters by 70 persons including 50 students with 11 Masters and 7 undergraduates. There are 42 students in competition, including 10 masters students and 6 undergraduates. Power and tables for laptops have been requested 3 times by ITMA-03, SPRT-01, SPRT-02. Yaj Bhattacharya is giving 2 posters. Klenzing and Zabotin are presenting in both the MLT and IT sessions.

  1. MLT-COUP-01,Tao Li,Non-student,Mesospheric wave activities during 2006 sudden stratospheric warming
  2. MLT-COUP-02,Katelynn Greer,PhD Student IN poster competition,Observations and Climatology of Polar Middle Atmosphere disturbances related to Sudden Stratospheric Warmings
  3. MLT-COUP-03,Bo Tan,PhD Student IN poster competition,Correlation of stratopause and mesopause, and temperatures at different altitudes
  4. MLT-IRRI-01,Alireza Mahmoudian,PhD Student IN poster competition,Active Perturbation effects on irregularities associated with charged dust in the Earth's mesosphere (computational model and experimental data)
  5. MLT-EQIT-01,Yen-Chieh Lin,M Student IN poster competition,Coordinated observations of sporadic E layer using Chung-Li 30 MHz radar, ionosonde and FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC satellites
  6. MLT-EQIT-02,Kang-Hung Wu,PhD Student IN poster competition,Examination of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC-retrieved electron density in Ionospheric E Region
  7. MLT-ITMA-01,Ching-Lun Su,Non-student,The effect of ground reflection plane on the VHF radar beam pattern in the remote sensing of low and middle atmosphere
  8. MLT-ITMA-02 was moved to the IT session into slot IT-IRRI-04, leaving this slot free
  9. MLT-ITMA-03,Maitrayee Ranade Bordikar,PhD Student IN poster competition,Lower Hybrid Instabilities Associated with Artificially Created Dusty Plasmas in the near Earth Space Environment,laptop
  11. MLT-ITMA-05,Jeff Klenzing,Non-student,Firefly: A CubeSat mission to study terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
  12. MLT-ITMA-06,Nikolay Zabotin,Non-student,Modern phase-based ionosonde as a thermospheric neutral wind profiler
  13. MLT-ITMA-07,Justin Neal Carstens,PhD Student IN poster competition,Analysis of the Uncertainties in the PMC Parameter Retrieval from a CIPS Scattering Profile
  14. MLT-ITMA-08,Gerd Baumgarten,Non-student,Doppler Rayleigh lidar for wind and temperature measurements in the middle atmosphere up to 80km
  15. MLT-LTRV-01,Ryan Matthew Agner,M Student IN poster competition,Long term variations of atmospheric waves in the OH (6,2) and O2 (0,1) emission layers due to the solar cycle.
  16. MLT-MDIT-01,Feng Han,PhD Student IN poster competition,Midlatitude D region ionosphere remote sensing by broadband sferics
  18. MLT-METR-02,Elizabeth Bass,PhD Student IN poster competition,Spatial and Numerical Mass Distributions of Meteoroids from Observations at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory
  19. MLT-METR-03,Eli Hibit,M Student IN poster competition,Turbulent Effects in Specular Meteor Echoes
  20. MLT-METR-04,Jonathan Ore,U Student IN poster competition,V/UHF Radar Meteors at Arecibo: The Usual Suspects plus some Bolides
  21. MLT-METR-05,Steven Pifko,PhD Student IN poster competition,Estimation of the Orbital Parameters and Meteoroid Properties of Meteoroids Detected by the ALTAIR Radar System
  22. MLT-METR-06,Siming Zhao,M Student IN poster competition,Cognitive Radar Detection of Specular and Nonspecular Trails
  23. MLT-METR-07,Ryan Seal,Julio Urbina,Poster,Student NOT in poster competition,Design and First Observations of the new meteor radar at Penn State
  24. MLT-METR-08,Nicolas Lee,PhD Student IN poster competition,Meteoroid and Energetics Detection for Understanding Space Situational Awareness
  25. MLT-MLTG-01,Zhenhua Li,PhD Student IN poster competition,Gravity Wave Characteristics, Momentum Flux Observed by OH Imager at Maui and Cerro Pachon
  26. MLT-MLTG-02,Xian Lu,PhD Student IN poster competition,Tidal modulation of gravity wave momentum fluxes in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at Maui, Hawaii (20.7N, 156.3W)
  27. MLT-MLTG-03,Vadas L Sharon,Non-student,The excitation of medium and large-scale secondary GWs from wave breaking near the mesopause and wave dissipation in the thermosphere using new compressible acoustic-gravity wave solutions
  28. MLT-MLTG-04,Tony Mangognia,Gary Swenson,PhD Student NOT in poster competition,Four Channel Airglow Photometer for Gravity Wave Observation (ALO, Chile)
  29. MLT-MLTG-05,Thomas Martin,U Student IN poster competition,Investigating Short-Period Gravity Wave Characteristics Over Rothera, Antarctica (68øS)
  30. MLT-MLTG-06,Jose Valentin Bageston,Non-student,Observation of Gravity Waves at Ferraz Station (62øS, 58øW) with an OH Airglow Imager: Overview of the Results for 2007
  31. MLT-MLTG-07,Dhvanit Mehta,M Student IN poster competition,Simultaneous SOFDI and CASI observations of gravity waves over Oneida, NY
  32. MLT-MLTG-08,Jonathan R Pugmire,U Student IN poster competition,First 6 Month Investigation of Gravity Waves and Temperature Variability Over the Andes
  33. MLT-MLTG-09,Michael Nicolls,Non-student,Influence of an Inertia-Gravity Wave on Mesospheric Dynamics: A Case Study with the Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar,MLT Gravity Waves,
  34. MLT-MLTG-10,Deepak B. Simkhada,PhD Student IN poster competition,Gravity Wave Propagation and Momentum Flux in the Mesopause Region
  35. MLT-MLTG-11,Chihoko Yamashita,PhD Student IN poster competition,Gravity Wave Variations and Sources in Arctic during the 2009 SSW
  36. MLT-MLTG-12,Jonathan Brian Snively,Non-student,Airglow signatures of stationary gravity waves,MLT Gravity Waves,
  37. MLT-MLTG-13,Zhaozhao Li,PhD Student NOT in poster competition,Numerical modeling of lower stratospheric Doppler ducted gravity waves within stationary gravity wave wind fields over Jicamarca, Peru
  38. MLT-MLTG-14,Elizabeth Ann McCubbin,U Student NOT in poster competition,Observations of high-frequency mesospheric gravity waves using the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network
  39. MLT-MLTG-15,Igo Paulino,PhD Student NOT in poster competition,Characteristics of gravity waves and plasma bubbles observed during the COPEX campaign
  40. MLT-MLTL-01,Xinzhao Chu,Non-student,Progress in MRI Fe-Resonance/Rayleigh/Mie Doppler Lidar
  41. MLT-MLTL-02,Ian Dahlke,M Student IN poster competition,Development of STAR LiDAR in Boulder
  42. MLT-MLTL-03,John Anthony Smith,PhD Student IN poster competition,Feasibility analysis of a novel system for automatic beam alignment and spatial mode analysis in atmospheric Rayleigh and resonance Doppler LIDARs
  43. MLT-MLTL-04,Wentao Huang,Non-student,The Development of Na-DEMOF Doppler Lidar Technique: A New Step towards Whole 'Atmosphere Lidar'
  44. MLT-MLTL-05,Zhangjun Wang,PhD Student IN poster competition,Fe Boltzmann and Rayleigh temperature lidar for McMurdo campaign: refurbishment, upgrade and initial results at Boulder
  45. MLT-MLTL-06,Jens Lautenbach,Non-student,A new Lidar facility in the subtropics at 35ø South, Buckland Park, Australia
  46. MLT-MLTS-01,Jeong-Han Kim,Non-student,Seasonal Variations of the Mesospheric Temperature Estimated from the VHF Meteor Radar Observation at King Sejong Station (62.2øS, 58.8øW), Antarctica
  47. MLT-MLTS-02,Tyler Scott,PhD Student IN poster competition,The Turbopause Experiment: Observations of turbulence structure in sounding rocket chemical tracer trails associated with high-shear regions
  48. MLT-MLTS-03,Ying-Tsen Lin,PhD Student NOT in poster competition,Observations of Nitric Oxide by the Remote Atmospheric Ionospheric Detection System (RAIDS)
  49. MLT-MLTS-04,Jose R Fernandez,Non-student,IRI Storm-time correction using TIMED/SABER NO+(v) VER and its comparisons with ISR at E-region altitudes
  50. MLT-MLTS-05,Jason David Reimuller,PhD Student IN poster competition,Synchronized Imagery of Noctilucent Clouds at the Day-Night Terminator using Airborne and Spaceborne Platforms
  51. MLT-MLTS-06,Padma L Thirukoveluri,PhD Student NOT in poster competition,Observations of Lower Thermospheric Nitric Oxide from SOFIE and HALOE and Comparision of their response to the Current and Previous Solar Minimum
  52. MLT-MLTS-07,Brentha Thurairajah,Non-student,A Study of Polar Mesospheric Cloud Structures (Ice Voids) as seen by the AIM satellite
  53. MLT-MLTT-01,Jelle Daniel Assink,PhD Student IN poster competition,On the sensitivity of infrasonic signals to the atmospheric tides
  54. MLT-MLTT-02,Loren C. Chang,PhD Student IN poster competition,Comparative study of migrating diurnal tidal variability induced by nonlinear interaction with propagating planetary waves
  55. MLT-MLTT-03,Kerry Day,PhD Student IN poster competition,Aura MLS observations of the 16-day planetary wave in the middle atmosphere -climatology and cross-equatorial propagation
  56. MLT-MLTT-04,Xiaoli Zhang,PhD Student IN poster competition,Seasonal-latitudinal Variation of the Eastward-Propagating Diurnal Tide with Wavenumber 3 in the MLT Region
  57. MLT-MLTT-05,Yun Gong,M Student IN poster competition,Error analysis of tidal/planetary waves for data containing regular large gaps
  58. MLT-MLTT-06,Amelia Naomi Onohara,M Student IN poster competition,A study of the 3-4-day Kelvin waves effects over the Brazilian ionospheric equatorial region
  59. MLT-MLTT-07,Bryant Svedin,U Student IN poster competition,SABER OH Mesospheric Airglow Emissions
  60. MLT-POLA-01,Roger Hale Varney,PhD Student IN poster competition,The Electron Density Dependence of Polar Mesospheric Summer Echoes
  61. MLT-POLA-02,Yaj Bhattacharya,Non-student,Relative airglow emission rates in the vicinity of the polar vortex
  62. MLT-POLA-03,Yaj Bhattacharya,Non-student,Vertical mesopause winds in the Arctic Polar Vortex season
  63. MLT-POLA-04,Irfan Azeem,Non-student,Antarctic Mesosphere Warming During Wintertime Planetary Wave Surges in 2007
  64. MLT-SPRT-01,Burcu Kosar,PhD Student IN poster competition,Effects of Ambient Field and Altitude Variation on Exponential Growth Rate of a Model Positive Sprite Streamer,laptop
  65. MLT-SPRT-02,Jianqi Qin,PhD Student IN poster competition,Study of the conditions for the emergence of sprite streamers from halo events with different polarities,laptop
  67. MLT-SPRT-04,Ningyu Liu,Non-student,Modeling of Sprite Streamer Chemistry
  68. MLT-SPRT-05,Sebastien de Larquier,M Student NOT in poster competition,Finite-difference time-domain modeling of infrasound from sprites and comparison with recent observations
  69. MLT-SPRT-06,Sebastien Celestin,Non-student,Corrections on Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Peak Electric Fields in Transient Luminous Events
  70. MLT-STRB-01,MLT,STRB ,Takatoshi Sakazaki,PhD Student IN poster competition,Diurnal tide in the troposphere and stratosphere as observed with reanalysis Data
  71. MLT-STRB-02,Elena Savenkova,PhD Student IN poster competition,Variability of the spring-time transition date and planetary waves in the boreal stratosphere
  72. MLT-STRB-03,Anthony Teti,U Student IN poster competition,The NJIT-UACNJ-PSU Collaborative: A spatially scanning middle atmospheric lidar system in northwest New Jersey