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2010 CEDAR Workshop On-Line Registration

Due Dates or Late Fees

  • Student registration is due Friday, May 14 and late fees ($75) for students begin Monday, May 17.
  • Non-student registration is due Friday, May 28 and late fees ($75) start Tuesday, June 1.

Registration Fees and Late Fees

Regular registration fees (without the $75 late fee) are:

  • $375 for CEDAR regular all week
  • $200 for CEDAR USA graduate student, CEDAR Post-Doc, other post-docs registered for CEDAR, CEDAR retiree, or CEDAR unsponsored participant
  • $225 for CEDAR 2-Day
  • $125 for CEDAR 1-Day
  • $100 for CEDAR undergraduate student
  • $0 for CEDAR student from non-USA institution, or Waived CEDAR

Late fees ($75) are imposed on ALL groups but the Waived if they are late as defined above.

Post-Submittal Editing and Reports (e.g. abstracts, payment, etc)

It is possible to edit the registration information, take the survey, look at confirmation pages, and view reports from the registration site. Participants can check-off 'cash' or 'check' for payment type initially and then decide later to pay by Visa, MasterCard or Diners credit card. Receipts for credit card payments are emailed immediately, and can also be printed out later.

Please be aware that a late fee of $75 is imposed (see above for when).

Administrators can use a company credit card to pay for registrants who give them their email and passwords to enter the system. One or two abstracts can also be added later. Poster abstracts are required and due Friday, May 14, while abstracts for plenary talks or talks within individual workshops are entirely voluntary, but will be accepted up to Friday, May 28. The poster session abstracts for the non-MLT and MLT Poster sessions will be available in .pdf format in the form of a poster booklet. Abstracts are on-line at the registration site. Abstracts for plenary talks will be linked to the Agenda, while individual workshop abstracts will be linked to Workshop List. Hard copies of both will probably be available in descriptions of the plenary sessions and in the workshop handout.

  • Click above on '2010 CEDAR Workshop On-Line Registration'
  • Enter your email address under 'Post-Submittal Editing' Log in and click 'Submit'
  • Click on one of the activities under 'Edit Your Submission', 'View Confirmations of Submitted Data' or 'Other'
  • Exit to another URL

-- Revised 16 February 2010