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Last Revised 09/19/2012

NOTE: All updates to the wiki between May 30 and June 21 were lost. This includes all the workshop pages like the agenda, the individual workshop pages, etc are missing content. We are trying to upload the missing 3 weeks of materials, but please be patient and let us know if things are missing. Remember, all those with wiki or DB logins can revise this agenda and other web pages where things are missing. You can find out what your login is by clicking on the left-hand side 'toolbox'/'special pages'/'User List', and guess your login (often first initial and last name). Please help make our workshop and other pages the best we can for present and archival purposes. Thanks! Barbara Emery

Workshop rooms are: AnS AnN Zia Sun for Anasazi-South (350 theater), Anasazi-North (150 theater), Zia (200 theater), and Sunset (250 theater). There is also the DeVargas (DeV) room (may be email or be for 60 theater) and Pinon and Chapparral rooms (~20 with table). There are problems separating the Anasazi rooms during the morning break so they will be broken over lunch.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Anasazi Ballroom CEDAR Student Workshop (Non-students Welcome)

Theme - Waves and Tides

Co-Chairs Katelynn Greer (U CO) and Roger Varney (Cornell) (CEDAR student reps)
?08:00-09:00 Breakfast, Registration, Sign Travel Vouchers in concourses; Student Workshop in Sunset
09:00-09:10 Student welcome from NSF Anja Stromme (NSF)
09:10-09:30 Student welcome from CSSC, "What is CEDAR?" John Foster (CSSC chair, MIT)
09:30-09:40 Agenda information and organizational details Katelynn Greer and Roger Varney (CSSC student reps)
09:40-10:10 What should a student do at a conference? Jonathan Snively (ERAU)
10:10-10:30 Introduction to waves and tides

( DW1 movie, DE3 movie, DW1+DE3 movie )

Loren Chang (NCU/TW)
10:30-10:45 --- Break ---
10:45-11:15 Mini-Tutorial #1: Gravity Waves Mehta, Teti, Gerrard (NJIT)
11:15-11:45 Mini-Tutorial #2: Rossby Waves Scott Palo (U CO)
11:45-12:00 Mini-Tutorial #3: Making your way around the CEDAR science world Jonathan Fentzke (JHU/APL)
12:00-13:15 Student Lunch in Pavilion
13:15-13:45 Mini-Tutorial #4: Non-migrating tides from the ground and from space Jeffrey Forbes (U CO)
13:45-14:15 Mini-Tutorial #5: Magnetized Rossby waves and mean flow generation in the lower thermosphere Miguel Larsen (Clemson)
14:15-14:45 Mini-Tutorial #6: Radio Waves in the Ionosphere Ethan Miller (JHU/APL)
14:45-15:00 --- Break ---
15:00-15:45 PhD Panel (Career Development) various (Heinselman/SRI, etc)
15:45 Adjourn
16:00-19:00 Annual CEDAR Soccer Game, Ultimate Frisbee; 16:30-17:30 Magers Field
18:00-20:00 CSSC Dinner Meeting Osteria D'Assisi Restaurant
19:30-21:00 Reception Buffet for all participants in Pavilion

Monday 25 June 2012

0730-0815 Breakfast/registration Anasazi concourse
0815-0825 Welcome from NSF/CSSC Behnke (NSF)/Foster(CSSC)
0825-0835 Introduction of students by institution R Varney (Cornell)
0835-0920 CEDAR Prize Lecture #23: Stratospheric warmings and their Effects in the Ionosphere Larisa Goncharenko (MIT)
0920-0930 Report of student workshop K Greer (U CO)
0930-1000 Break
1000-1020 Update from NSF Rich Behnke (NSF)
1020-1040 Science Highlight #1: Large-scale View of Mid-latitude Plasma Convection Simon Shepherd (Dartmouth)
1040-1100 Science Highlight #2: Nonlinear Dynamics of Deep Gravity Waves in the Thermosphere Dave Fritts (GATS)
1100-1120 Science Highlight #3: Stormtime O+ Redistribution: a Connection to Storm Strength? Tom Immel (UCB)
1120-1135 Programmatic #1: Meridian Space Weather Monitoring Project (Meridian Project) and the International Collaboration Guotao Yang (NSSC of China)
1135-1150 Programmatic #2: Working with the new CEDAR Madrigal Archive Database Bill Rideout (MIT)
1150-1200 Programmatic #3: Jicamarca: 50 years of scientific contributions, carreer developments, international collaboration and more Jorge (Koki) Chau (ROJ Peru)
1200-1330 lunch on own
1330-1530 #1 AnS Geospace system response at mid to high latitudes during recent geomagnetic storms AnS_S_Shepherd/Erickson
  • Sun_N_Liu/Stanley/Taylor
  • Zia_Emery/Gross/Kuznetsova/Shim
  • AnN_Nossal/Baumgardner/Hampton
1530-1600 networking break (coffee only if posters follow)
1600-1800 #2 AnS Middle latitude Ionosphere-Atmosphere-Magnetosphere Coupling AnS_Maruyama/Mannucci
  • Sun_Crowley/Nossal/Mierkiewicz/Azeem/Pilinski
  • Zia_Shim/Emery/Kuznetsova/Ridley/Sojka
  • AnN_Dyrud/Rymer/Smith

Tuesday 26 June 2012

0730-0815 Breakfast Anasazi concourse
0815-0915 Tutorial #1: Comparative Aeronomy Andy Nagy (U MI)
0915-0930 CEDAR Postdoc Report #1: Origin and Development of Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances Ethan Miller (JHU/APL)
0930-1000 break
1000-1200 #3 AnS+N Gravity Wave Propagation, Dissipation, and Effects in the MLT, Thermosphere, and Ionosphere from Tropospheric, MLT, and Thermospheric Sources AnS+N_Vadas
  • Sun_van_Eyken
  • Zia_Azeem/Crowley/Noto
  • DeV_S_Shepherd/Erickson
1200-1330 lunch on own
1330-1530 #4 AnS MLT and thermosphere response to large-scale wave activity AnS_Oberheide/Lieberman
  • Sun_Mierkiewicz
  • Zia_Bristow
  • AnN_Chapagain/Makela/Meriwether
  • DeV_Crowley/Straus/Bishop/Mannucci
1530-1600 networking break (coffee only)
1600-1900 Poster session #1 for IT Pavilion

Wednesday 27 June 2012

0730-0815 Breakfast Anasazi concourse
0700-0815 Breakfast Discussion of Fulfilling the Potential Women in Aeronomy Sunset
0815-0915 Tutorial #2: Creating a Future for Aeronomy Larry Paxton (JHU/APL)
0915-0930 CEDAR Postdoc Report #2: Mesospheric bore evaluation characteristics Brian Laughman (CoRA/NWRA)
0930-1000 break
1000-1200 #5 AnS+N New studies of gravity waves, instabilities and other unusual phenomena observed in the MLT region AnS+N_G_Swenson/Taylor/Vadas
  • Sun_Fang/Anderson
  • Zia_McCready/McCrea
  • DeV_Nossal/Baumgardner/Hampton
1200-1330 lunch on own
1330-1530 #6 AnS Wave Dynamics in the Polar Regions AnS_K_Nielsen/Taylor/Dyrland
  • Sun_Coster/Yizengaw/Dao/de_la_Beaujardiere
  • Zia_H_Liu/Marsh
  • AnN_Knudsen/Erickson
1530-1600 networking break (coffee only)
1600-1900 Poster session #2 for MLT Pavilion

Thursday 28 June 2012

0700-0815 Breakfast Anasazi concourse
0700-0815 Student Breakfast with NSF Sunset
0815-0915 #2 CEDAR Distinguished Lecture: Incoherent Scatter Radar: Some Early History and Further Thoughts Don Farley (Cornell)
0915-0925 Announcement of poster prize winners Mark Conde (CSSC)
0925-0955 break
0955-1015 Science Highlight #4: Concentric gravity waves generated by deep convection on the Great Plains Jia Yue (NCAR)
1015-1035 Science Highlight #5: Imaging the Ionosphere Using Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Xiaoqing Pi (JPL)
1035-1055 Science Highlight #6: Mesoscale Ionospheric Sensing Using Modern Radio Interferometers Ken Dymond (NRL)
1055-1110 CEDAR Postdoc Report #3: Meteoric Smoke Studies at High Latitude using the Poker Flat ISR Jonathan Fentzke (JHU/APL)
1110-1125 Programmatic #4: Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) Mission Objectives and Science Studies Geoff Reeves (LANL)
1125-1140 Programmatic #5: Exploring the Interaction of Earth's Atmosphere with Space: An Observatory for the Study of Universal Processes in Planetary Atmospheres Chet Gardner (U IL)
1140-1150 Programmatic #6: 50 Years of Science, Technology and Innovations at Millstone Hill Phil Erickson (MIT)
1150-1330 lunch on own
1150-1330 CSSC lunch Il Piatto Restaurant
1330-1530 #7 AnS LISN: to develop a strategy to forecast ESF AnS_Valladares/Chau/Brunini/dePaula
  • Sun_Emmert/Qian/S_Zhang
  • Zia_Close/Fentzke
  • AnN_Chu/Yuan/G_Swenson/Thayer/Williams
  • DeV_Larsen/Moen/Dahle
1530-1600 networking break
1600-1800 #8 AnS High Latitude GPS Scintillations and Forward Modeling AnS_Deshpande/Bust/Weatherwax/Coster
  • Sun_Emmert/Qian/S_Zhang
  • Zia_Rideout/Holt
  • AnN_Chu/Yuan/G_Swenson/Thayer/Williams

Friday 29 June 2012

0730-0815 Breakfast Anasazi concourse
0815-0915 Tutorial #3: Inferring Limitations of Numerical Models Jan Sojka (USU)
0915-0930 CEDAR Postdoc Report #4: Aeronomical and Spectroscopic Studies of Iron Oxide Emission Deepali Saran (SRI)
0930-1000 Break
1000-1200 #9 AnS+N CUBESAT Synergies AnS+N_Noto
  • Sun_Santos/Brum/Sulzer/Kerr
  • Zia_Chapagain/Makela/Meriwether