2012 Workshop:Madrigal and the CEDAR Madrigal archive

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Making loading data and accessing data easy with Madrigal and the CEDAR Madrigal archive

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2 hours


B. Rideout
J. Holt

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Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: global - Inst/Model: radar - Other: All instruments

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Internet access


The CEDAR Strategic Plan focuses on system science, and one of the key enablers of system science is the ability to gather measurements from multiple instruments. The Madrigal database and the CEDAR Madrigal archive is now the NSF funded community database for the CEDAR community. This workshop will focus on how scientists can easily and automatically upload their data into Madrigal, and how they can access data simply from multiple instruments.


After a brief tutorial, this workshop will focus on demonstrations and questions. The first part will focus on demonstrations how how loading a PI's data into the CEDAR Madrigal archive can be be made simple and fully automated. No conversion of the PI's native data format will be required. Best practices for adding plots and explanatory information will be discussed. The second part will focus on simple access of data in Madrigal, either though scripts or the web interface.

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