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List of proposed workshops.

  1. 4h MLT+IT Coupling of the lower and upper atmosphere during Stratospheric Sudden Warmings - convener A. Maute
  2. 4h MLT+IT (SW GEM) International space weather and climate observations along the 120E/60W meridional circle and over its surrounding areas - convener John Foster
  3. 4h MLT+IT Calibration and analysis techniques for passive optical and lidar observations - convener S. Nossal
  4. 4h MLT+IT Planetary waves and Tides in the Middle Atmosphere and Ionosphere: Observations, Modeling and Data Assimilation - convener Amal Chandran
  5. 2h IT (GEM) CEDAR ETI Modeling Challenge - convener Ja Soon Shim
  6. 2h IT World Day Planning - convener M. McCready
  7. 2h IT To build a strategy to forecast the state and dynamics of the ionosphere over South America using the LISN distributed observatory. - convener Cesar Valladares
  8. 2h IT (SW GEM) Equatorial Ionospheric Electrodynamics and Low-Latitude Space Weather - convener Chao-Song Huang
  9. 2h MLT Large Atmospheric Lidar Observatory (LALO), a new initiative. - convener Gary Swenson
  10. 2h ITMag (or MIT GEM) ITM boundary region science enabled by data assimilation - convener Seebany Datta-Barua
  11. 2h IT Data Assimilation Simulation Studies of Various Satellite Instrumentation and Configurations - convener G. Bust
  12. 4h IT (GEM) PFISR Ion-Neutral Observations in the Thermosphere Campaign Year 1 - convener Bill Bristow
  13. 2h MLT Impacts of Meteoroids and Space Debris - convener Sigrid Close
  14. 4h IT (GEM?) To the Topside: exploring the space-atmosphere interaction region - convener Edwin Mierkiewicz
  15. 2h IT (GEM?) Opportunities for cubesat science in Alaska - convener Bob McCoy
  16. 2h IT Systems theoretical approach to CEDAR sciences - convener Tomoko Matsuo
  17. 4h IT (GEM) Geospace system science during storms and substorms - convener N. Maruyama
  18. 4h MLT Exploring mesosphere-lower thermosphere (MLT) applications for commercial suborbital spacecraft and POSSUM - conveners H Todd Smith and Jason Reimuller
  19. 2h IT (SW GEM) Potential CEDAR role in US/UK Space Weather Collaborations - convener Ian McCrea
  20. 2h MLT Lightning Effects in the Middle and Upper Atmosphere - convener Ningyu Liu
  21. 4h IT Understanding Thermospheric Winds - convener A. Ridley
  22. 2h MLT Observing and Modeling Small-Scale Wave Dynamics and Interactions in the MLT Region - convener Jonathan Snively
  23. 4h MLT Advances in lidar and coordinated studies of middle and upper atmosphere globally - convener Xinzhao Chu
  24. 2h MLT 50 years of Gravity Wave Research - a Tribute to Colin Hines - convener David Fritts [NOT YET IN LIST, BUT EXPECTED since Colin Hines has agreed to come]
  • Linked workshops are:
    • #10 (2h IT-mag assim), #11 (2h IT sat assim), #16 (2h system assim panel), and #4 (4h pw/tides assim)
    • #22 (2h small wv) and #24 (2h Hines gwaves)
  • Room space: half of ballroom twice (100 classroom+75 theater=175 each), Century (120 theater or 80 classroom), Millenium (100 theater or 60 classroom), and suites (40 theater)
  • Rooms were assigned according to size requested (mostly), and sometimes rooms were changed from a to b or linked sessions, usually if they spanned 2 days. Requested days were also honored.

Workshops Mon-Thu 24-27 June 2013 in the Millennium Hotel

Half Ballroom

Half Ballroom




Mon 1330-1530

#17a storms

#8 low-lat SW

#3a calib

Mon 1600-1800

#17b storms

#2a 120E/60W SW

#3b calib

#13 meteoroids

Tue 1030-1230


#24 gw Hines

#2b 120E/60W SW

#12a PFISR

Tue 1330-1530

#10 MIT assim

#22 small wv

#19 US/UK SW

#12b PFISR

Wed 1030-1230

#11 sat assim

#1a SSW


#6 World Day

Wed 1330-1530

#16 sys assim panel

#1b SSW

#23a lidar

#20 lightning

Thu 1030-1230

#18a suborbital


#23b lidar

#21a IT winds

Thu 1330-1530

#4a pw/tides assim

#18b suborbital+POSSUM clouds

#14a topside

#21b IT winds

Thu 1600-1800

#4b pw/tides assim

#15 AK cubesats

#14b topside