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CEDAR IT Poster Session

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

  • 65 of 110 posters in competition by 105 presenters
    • 65 students in competition (39 PhD + 19 MS + 7 undergrads)
    • 14 student posters not in competition (3 duplicates(PhD+MS+U) + 9 PhD + 2 late MS)
    • 76 students presenting posters = 48 PhD + 21 MS + 7 undergrad students
    • 31 non-student posters (3 duplicates - one in IT/MLT) or 29 non-student presenters

  • DATA Data Assimilation or Management (3 of 7 posters in competition)
  • EQIT Equatorial Ionosphere or Thermosphere (9 of 10 posters in competition)
  • IRRI Irregularities of the Ionosphere or Atmosphere (13 of 18 posters in competition)
  • ITIT Instruments or Techniques for Ionospheric or Thermospheric Observation (10 of 21 posters in competition)
  • MDIT Midlatitude Ionosphere or Thermosphere (10 of 16 posters in competition)
  • LTVI Long-Term Variations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere (2 of 4 posters in competition)
  • MITC Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling (1 of 2 posters in competition)
  • POLA Polar Aeronomy (8 of 22 posters in competition)
  • SOLA Solar Terrestrial Interactions in the Upper Atmosphere (9 of 10 posters in competition)

Data Assimilation or Management

DATA-01, William Edward Archer, Student IN poster competition, "Comparing quiet time standard deviation to error estimates of incoherent scatter radar measurements"

DATA-02, I-Te Lee, Student NOT in poster competition, "Assimilation of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC electron density profiles into a coupled Thermosphere/Ionosphere model"

DATA-03, Levan Lomidze, Student IN poster competition, "Estimation of Thermospheric Winds Using a Kalman Filter Technique"

DATA-04, Romina Nikoukar, "Preliminary results on a new plasmasphere data assimilation technique"

DATA-05, Yang-Yi Sun, Student IN poster competition, "Assimilative Model Bias Correction Schemes for Global Ionospheric Modeling"

DATA-06, Kornyanat Watthanasangmechai, Student NOT in poster competition, "Latitudinal GRBR-TEC validated with TEC reconstructed from ionosonde and C/NOFS density data"

DATA-07, Joei Wroten, "Boston University All-Sky Imager Data Archives"

Equatorial Thermosphere or Ionosphere

EQIT-01, Angeline Gail Burrell, "Solar Activity Dependence of Interhemispheric Transport"

EQIT-02, Daisuke Fukushima, Student IN poster competition, "Study of gravity waves generated from strong tropospheric convection over Brazil by using multi-point GPS-TEC data"

EQIT-03, Ehab Hassan, Student IN poster competition, "Another Fluid Simulation Results for Low-Latitude Irregularities in E-region"

EQIT-04, Vicki W. Hsu, Student IN poster competition, "A Mechanism for the Formation of the Equatorial Thermosphere Anomaly"

EQIT-05, Debrup Hui, Student IN poster competition, "Quiet-Time Variability of Equatorial Plasma Drifts Near Dusk "

EQIT-06, Luis Navarro Dominguez, Student IN poster competition, "Database of upper atmospheric winds and temperatures measured with the network of Fabry-Perot interferometers in Peru"


EQIT-08, Ramin Jafari, Student IN poster competition, "Forecasting Ionospheric Storms at the Magnetic Equator"

EQIT-09, Samuel C. Sanders, Student IN poster competition, "Evidence for meridional wind gradients near the equatorial geomagnetic equator"

EQIT-10, Jessica Mae Smith, Student IN poster competition, "Jicamarca observations of the equatorial topside response to changes in solar flux conditions"

EQIT-11, Robert Michael Sorbello, Student IN poster competition, "First steps towards the implementation of a cognitive radar to study plasma instabilities near the Peruvian Andes"

Irregularities of Ionosphere or Atmosphere

IRRI-01, Hassanali Akbari, Student IN poster competition, "PFISR observations of thin turbulence layers in F-region auroral ionosphere"

IRRI-02, Kuan-Ting Chen, Student IN poster competition, "Climatology of ionospheric Sporadic E Layer: Examination of Wind Shear Theory"

IRRI-03, Shih-Ping Chen, Student IN poster competition, "Scintillation Hole Observed by FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC"

IRRI-04, Pei-Yun Chiu, Student IN poster competition, "Short-time Scale Ionospheric Oscillations In GPS Satellite Signal Observations"

IRRI-05, Kshitija Deshpande, Student IN poster competition Honorable Mention, "Sensitivity study of a model of GPS scintillations used to characterize high latitude ionospheric irregularities"

IRRI-06, Krishna Prasad Gudivada, Student IN poster competition, "Incoherent Scatter Radar observations of large scale electron density structures in the evening auroral zone"

IRRI-07, Matthew Alan Henderson, Student IN poster competition, "Monitoring mid-latitude scintillation and TEC at UT Dallas"

IRRI-08, Ronald R. Ilma, Student IN poster competition, "Plasma wave irregularities in the equatorial upper E region at twilight"

IRRI-09, Yu Jiao, Student IN poster competition, "High Latitude Ionosphere Scintillation Characterization"

IRRI-10, Erin H. Lay, "Thunderstorm-induced fluctuations detected in ionospheric plasma"

IRRI-11, Rafael Luiz Araujo de Mesquita, Student NOT in poster competition, "A multi-instrument study of the Pre-midnight Brightness Wave and Brightness Wave signatures in the northeastern Brazil nightglow"

IRRI-12, Robert Miceli, Student IN poster competition, "A heuristic model of auroral Farley Buneman waves and comparison with PFISR and VHF coherent scatter radar data"

IRRI-13, Catalin Negrea, Student IN poster competition, "Wave activity in the Thermosphere-Ionosphere system as determined from Dynasonde data"

IRRI-14, Pablo M. Reyes, Student IN poster competition, "50 MHz radar observations of E-region “sunset layer” and F-region plasma irregularities from Roi-Namur in 03/25 to 04/13, 2013 window in support of EVEX/MOSC NASA campaigns"


IRRI-16, Esayas B. Shume, "Phase and coherence of longitudinally separated L-band scintillation"

IRRI-17, Kai-Jia Tseng, Student IN poster competition, "Improvement of GPS Radio Occultation Retrieval of Ionospheric E region Electron Density"

IRRI-18, Chien Ya Wang, "Evaluation the Wind Shear Effect on the Pronounced Summer Maximum Sporadic E Layers"

Instruments or Techniques for Ionospheric or Thermospheric Observations

ITIT-00, Scott England, "ICON TBD"

ITIT-01, Carl Andersen, Student IN poster competition, "On The Measurement of Neutral Winds and Gradients in the Lower Thermosphere with Multi-Point, Chemical-Release Sounding Rocket Payloads"

ITIT-02, Mark G. Conde, "Deriving Thermospheric Wind Fields from Distributed Arrays of Fabry-Perot Spectrometers"

ITIT-03, John W. Meriwether, "Development of a mapping strategy for equatorial thermospheric winds using data from three Fabry-Perot interferometer observatories located in Central Peru"

ITIT-04, Ellen D. P. Cousins, "Dominant modes of variability in ionospheric plasma drifts"

ITIT-05, Juha Vierinen, "Improving Millstone Hill electron density accuracy: Plasma-line profile developments"

ITIT-06, Daniel J. Fisher, Student IN poster competition, "Initial analysis of neutral winds and temperatures from the NATION FPIs"

ITIT-07, Thomas W. Gehrels, Student IN poster competition, "Dynamic automated control of NATION FPIs"

ITIT-08, Chhavi Goenka, Student IN poster competition, "Multispectral Imaging of Aeronomical Features using Tunable Filters"

ITIT-09, Mike Greffen, "Using Existing AMISR Modules To Create Multiple New ISR Facilities"

ITIT-10, Guy Alan Grubbs, Student IN poster competition, "Calibration of EMCCD Imagers for Auroral Physics using Narrowband Filters"

ITIT-11, Alexander Hackett, Student IN poster competition, "Development of a Reconfigurable Ionosonde Receiver Using a Software-defined Radio Hardware Platform"

ITIT-12, Alexander Hackett, Student NOT in poster competition, "Development of an Advanced Digital Radar Network for Mid-latitude Ionospheric Studies"

ITIT-13, Brian J. Harding, Student IN poster competition, "Radar Imaging with Compressed Sensing"


ITIT-15, Brett Isham, "Designs for an HF Imaging Antenna Array in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico"

ITIT-16, Tony Mangognia, Student IN poster competition, "High-Power Resonance Fluorescence Helium LIDAR"

ITIT-17, Daniel S. Miladinovich, Student IN poster competition, "Indirect Estimates of High-Resolution Ionospheric-Thermospheric States During Stormtime"

ITIT-18, Ashton Seth Reimer, Student IN poster competition, "An initial test of a multi-frequency technique for SuperDARN derived electron density measurement during the PINOT 2012 campaign"

ITIT-19, Irfan Azeem, "Geospace and Space Weather Monitoring from Unmanned Marine Vehicles"

ITIT-20, Irfan Azeem, "Midnight Temperature Maximum Observations Over Millstone Hill"

ITIT-21, Alex Cushley, Student NOT in poster competition, "Ionospheric Tomography Using Faraday Rotation of Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast UHF Signals"

MidLatitude Ionosphere or Thermosphere

MDIT-01, Jordi Xing, Student IN poster competition, "Measurement Model of Ionospheric Electron Content with CYGNSS"

MDIT-02, Geoff Crowley, "Mid and High Latitude Ionospheric Response to Geomagnetic Storms using the DICE CubeSat"

MDIT-03, Ziwei Chen, Student IN poster competition, "Modeling GPS TEC variations over North America using Empirical Orthogonal Function"

MDIT-04, Sebastien de Larquier, Student NOT in poster competition, "A re-analysis of the role of the Temperature Gradient Drift Instability in mid-latitude quiet-time ionospheric scatter"

MDIT-05, Nathaniel A. Frissell, Student IN poster competition, "Geomagnetic Dependence of Medium Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances (MSTIDs) Observed by Mid- and High-Latitude SuperDARN Radars"

MDIT-06, Federico Gasperini, Student IN poster competition, "Thermosphere Winds from Champ Neutral and Plasma Density Measurements"

MDIT-07, Dustin A. Hickey, Student IN poster competition, "Midnight temperature maximum observations using incoherent scatter radars: climatology and dual site comparisons"

MDIT-08, Yuta Hozumi, Student NOT in poster competition, "Longitudinal structures of He II radiation in the upper ionosphere observed from the International Space Station"

MDIT-09, Alexander Kendrick, Student IN poster competition, "TEC Perturbations near thunderstorms at Los Alamos GPS Receivers"

MDIT-10, Bharat Kunduri, Student IN poster competition First Place, "Statistical characterization of sub-auroral polarization stream using large scale observations by mid-latitude SuperDARN radars"

MDIT-11, Charles Lin presented by Jia-Ting Lin, "Ionospheric Shock Waves Triggered by Rockets"

MDIT-12, Yen-Chieh Lin, Student IN poster competition, "Model Simulation of E-Region Electron Density and Sporadic E Layers"

MDIT-13, Clara Narvaez, "Morphology of Ionospheric Storms during Different Solar Cycles"

MDIT-14, Zhipeng Ren, "TIME3D-IGGCAS: A New Three-Dimension Theoretical Ionospheric Model in realistic geomagnetic fields"

MDIT-15, Alvaro J. Ribeiro, Student IN poster competition, "Sub-auroral ionospheric convection as observed by midlatitude SuperDARN Radars"


MDIT-17, Cheng Wang, Student IN poster competition, "High Accuracy Ionosphere Total Electron Content Map Based on Sparse Regional GNSS Networks"

Long Term Variations of the Upper Atmosphere

LTVI-01, Edvier Cabassa-Miranda, "Long-term trends on the F2 peak parameters over Arecibo based on over four decades of incoherent scatter radar and ionosonde measurements"

LTVI-02, Timothy M. Duly, Student IN poster competition, "Climatology of nighttime medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (MSTIDs) at middle and low geomagnetic latitudes in the Central Pacific and the South American sectors"

LTVI-03, Susan M. Nossal, "Solar Cyclic and Climatic Influences on Upper Atmospheric Hydrogen Distributions"

LTVI-04, Enrique Rojas Villalba, Student IN poster competition Second Place, "A Long-Term Trend Study of the F-Region Peak Height Above Jicamarca"

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling

MITC-01, Nithin Sivadas, Student IN poster competition Honorable Mention, "FDTD Modelling of Low-frequency Shear-Alfven-wave Propagation and its Interaction with Trapped Charge Particles in the Magnetosphere"

MITC-02, Nithin Sivadas, Student NOT in poster competition, "Space-based Proton Electron Detector (SPEED) to Measure Fluctuations in the Energy Spectra of Protons and Electrons in the Upper Ionosphere"

Polar Aeronomy

POLA-01, Michael Jason Ahrns, Student NOT in poster competition, Electron Energy Inversion from Auroral Optical Data

POLA-02, Meghan Burleigh, Student IN poster competition, Dynamics of High-Latitude Ionospheric Upflow Processes

POLA-03, Ph ilip Fernandes, Student NOT in poster competition, Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling and Response to an Auroral Driver: An Analysis of Ionospheric Thermal Ions Using a SIMION-based Forward Instrument Model

POLA-04, Donald L. Hampton, Filling the void: Plans for a distributed array o f ionospheric sensors in Alaska

POLA-05, Yishi Lee, Student IN poster competition, An Investigation of the Auroral Ionospheric Responses due to Atmospheric and Magnetospheric Forcing

POLA-06, Robert Clayton, Student NOT in poster competition, Localized Swarm of Low-Resource CubeSat-Class Spacecraft

POLA-07, Marcin Palinski, Magnetic Field Observations from the Dynamic Ionosphere CubeSat Experiment (DICE)

POLA-08, Marcin Palinski, First Results from a Chain of GPS TEC and Scintillation Receivers in Alaska

POLA-09, Manbharat Singh Dhadly, Student IN poster competition, Distortion in Thermospheric air masses by horizontal neutral winds over Poker-Flat (Alaska) measured using an All-Sky scanning Doppler imager

POLA-10, Christopher T. Fallen, Electron heat flux calculations associated with auroral precipitation events

POLA-11, Lindsay Victoria Goodwin, Student IN poster competition, High Latitude F - Regi on Ion Temperature Spikes and their Possible Origin

POLA-12, Phil G. Richards, Pre-midnight, summer electron density depletions observed by the PFISR radar at Poker Flat, Alaska

POLA-13, Stephen R. Kaeppler, An Investigation of Auroral Electrodynamics within the Auroral-Ionosphere: Observations and Modeling

POLA-14, Delores Knipp, High Resolution Space-Based Magnetometer Comparisons--DMSP and AMPERE

POLA-15, Xianjing Liu, Student IN poster competition, Helium in the Recent Solar Minimum

POLA-16, Gareth William Perry, Student NOT in poster competition, Anti-correlated plasma density and ion temperature enhancements adjacent to a sun-aligned arc

POLA-17, Gareth William Perry, Student IN poster competition, An analysis of successive F-region ionization patches

POLA-18, Cheng Sheng, Student IN poster competition, Thermospheric winds around the cusp region

POLA-19, Jeffrey D. Spaleta, Highlights of Initial Operation of a New High Latit ude SuperDARN Radar at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

POLA-20, Justin D. Yonker, Student NOT in poster competition, Efficiency of Energy Deposition Processes to the Creation and Destruction of Thermospheric Nitric Oxide

POLA-21, Shasha Zou, Multi-instrument Observations of Storm Enhanced Density (SED) during Oct 24-25 2011 Storm: Implications for SED Formation Processes

POLA-22, Ying Zou, Student IN poster competition, Polar cap flow channels and association with polar cap arcs, airglow patches and nightside auroral activity

Solar Terrestrial Interactions in the Upper Atmosphere

SOLA-01, Tapas Bhattacharya, Student IN poster competition, Role of ionospheric boundary conditions on MI-coupling

SOLA-02, Alex T. Chartier, Student IN poster competition, Improving Storm-Time Ionospheric Forecasts

SOLA-03, Yanhong Chen, Ionosphere response to CIR-induced recurrent geomagnetic activity during the declining phase of Solar Cycle 23

SOLA-04, Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, Student IN poster competition, SuperDARN observations of structured flows associated with substorm auroral onset

SOLA-05, Chih-Ting Hsu, Student IN poster competition, Vertical wavy structures triggered by Geomagnetic Disturbance

SOLA-06, Cissi Ying-tsen Lin, Student IN poster competition, Classification of the Solar Aspect Monitor (SAM) Observations on Solar Dynamic Observatory’s (SDO) Extreme ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE)

SOLA-07, Ryan M. McGranaghan, Student IN poster competition, Signatures of the Russell-McPherron Effect in Thermospheric Density

SOLA-08, Jack R. Olsen, Student IN poster competition, Impact of Small Scale E-field Variability and Lower Atmospheric Forcing on Thermospheric O/N2 Column Density Ratios

SOLA-09, Padmashri Suresh, Student IN poster competition, Thermosphere Temperature Response to Geomagnetic Storms

SOLA-10, Jie Zhu, Student IN poster competition, Subsolar thermosperic waves excited by the July 14, 2000 solar flare