2013 Workshop:Planetary Waves and Tides

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Planetary waves and Tides in the Middle Atmosphere and Ionosphere: Observations, Modeling and Data Assimilation

Location, Date/Time and Duration

4 hours, Flagstaff section of the Ballroom, Thursday 27 June, 130-330PM and 4-6PM, Millennium Hotel.


Amal Chandran
Loren Chang
Valery Yudin
Hanli Liu

Workshop Categories

Altitudes: MLT - Latitudes: global - Inst/Model: modeling - Other: MLT+IT, Observations+Model+data assimilation

Format of the Workshop

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Observation and modeling studies of planetary-scale waves and tides in the middle atmosphere-ionosphere system and their vertical / global coupling effects on both the neutral atmosphere and the ionosphere is directly related to CEDAR strategic thrusts # 1 and # 2. This workshop will also asses the whole atmosphere model developments and their capability to recreate observed variability of tides and planetary waves as well as enhancing the predictive skills of models in realistic recreation of wave dynamics by constraining their initial states, boundary forcing’s /conditions and physics by data. The workshop thus addresses CEDAR strategic thrust # 5 and # 6 by promoting interdisciplinary participation and collaboration of researchers who are involved in observations, model development, data analysis and assimilation.


This workshop will focus on observations as well as modeling, assimilation and theoretical studies that deal with excitation, propagation and interactions of planetary waves and tides and their effects on both the neutral atmosphere and the ionosphere. As highlighted in CEDAR thrusts, traditional data comparisons with models are inefficient in determining what mechanisms and forcing’s can drive the model state towards observations. The aim of this workshop is to understand mechanisms of wave generation, wave-wave and wave-mean flow interactions, ionospheric dynamo coupling processes, year-to-year, annual and day-to-day variability in wave dynamics, and their impacts on neutral / ion composition. We welcome studies highlighting the seasonality of different planetary-scale waves and tides in the middle atmosphere and ionosphere from both observations and models. During this workshop we will assess capability of models to predict variability of tides and PWs and discuss data analysis/assimilation techniques needed for effective fusion of current and planned observations into the first-principle physics-chemistry based models to improve predictions of global waves. An additional objective is to facilitate dialogue between the middle atmosphere and ionospheric community on planetary wave and tidal processes of interest, and how efforts between the two communities can be coordinated.


Session 1 - Thursday 1:30 -3:30 PM (Talks are 15 minutes each)

Session 2 - Thursday 4:00 -6:00 PM (Talks are 15 minutes each)

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