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Report of the 2013 CEDAR Student Workshop by first year CSSC Student Representative Tim Duly (U IL)

For 2013, the Student Workshop was held in Boulder, CO with approximately 150 students attending including approximately 20 GEM students. Unlike the GEM Student Workshop, the CEDAR Student Workshop is open to non-students and about 70 came, including a few from GEM. The theme of the workshop focused on modeling aspects of CEDAR science and was accompanied by talks given by Roger Varney, Ethan Miller, Aaron Ridley, Ludger Scherliess, Tony Mannucci, Joe Huba, and Astrid Maute. In addition, Nick Pedatella, Loren Chang, and Ellen Cousins participated in the PhD Panel, answering questions about post-graduation life. Overall, the students found the tutorials helpful and learned about different ways modeling could help in their research. As usual, .pdf files of the presentations are linked at the CEDAR 2013 agenda at http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/2013_Workshop:Agenda

Finally, the annual CEDAR soccer game was held in Scott Carpenter Park, where several soccer games occurred along with a spinoff game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Like previous years, the poster session was an invaluable tool for students to share their research and collaborate with others. The poster session was held at the Pavilion at the Millennium Hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday in the late afternoon, with 79 student posters for the IT session and 51 posters for the MLT session, respectively.

We thank the outgoing student rep, Katelynn Greer, for her work in organizing the 2012 Student Workshop as well as the soccer game this year. Also, welcome our new student rep, Leda Sox, from Utah State University.