2013 Workshop:World Day Planning

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World Day Planning

Location, Date/Time and Duration

2 hours, Millennium, Wednesday 26 June, Millennium Hotel.


M. McCready
I. McCrea

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Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: global - Inst/Model: radar - Other:

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Round Table

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Not Friday, please.

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World Day operations of the ISRs (incoherent scatter radars)help ensure the most advantageous and efficient use of these unique and powerful instruments. The ISRs measure across many boundary regions in the upper atmosphere and provide good resolution profiles of the basic state parameters of the thermosphere, ionosphere and exosphere. This ability helps identify the fundamental properties of the space-atmosphere interaction region and aids in identifying the interconnected processes that define its global behavior.


World Day planning session -- workshop to discuss the proposed coordinated incoherent-scatter radar observations for 2014.

The URSI Incoherent Scatter Working Group (ISWG) will have its usual planning meeting at CEDAR to discuss and coordinate the World Day experiments involving the world's upper atmosphere observatories. The procedure for scheduling world days are described at www.eiscat.se/Members/ingemar/skedule/RequestingWD.htm and other links referenced therein and includes a sample proposal.

Written proposals outlining specific research needs using the World Day observations are requested. These proposals should be submitted by 07 June 2013 by email to either of the workshop conveners.

The planning meeting is for the ISWG and UAF staffs to review all the submitted proposals and determine how the global network of ISRs can best satisfy the approved requests. The proposer's presence during this discussion is not required but can be beneficial. All are welcome, particularly students.

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