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CEDAR IT Poster Session – Wednesday, June 24, 2015

(65 of 112 posters in competition)

DATA Data Assimilation (2 of 3 posters in competition)
EQIT Equatorial Thermosphere or Ionosphere (9 of 14 posters in competition)
IRRI Irregularities of Ionosphere or Atmosphere (5 of 10 posters in competition)
ITIT Instruments or Techniques for Ionospheric or Thermospheric Observation (13 of 26 posters in competition)
LTVI Long Term Variations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere (3 of 4 posters in competition)
MDIT MidLatitude Thermosphere or Ionosphere (4 of 6 posters in competition)
MITC Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling (11 of 15 posters in competition)
PLAN Planetary Studies (1 of 1 posters in competition)
POLA Polar Aeronomy (10 of 17 posters in competition)
SOLA Solar Terrestrial Interactions in the Upper Atmosphere (7 of 16 posters in competition)

Data Assimilation
DATA-01 Chih-Ting Hsu, Student IN poster competition Global ionospheric specification and forecasting by inferring unobserved thermospheric and ionospheric state variables via an Ensemble Kalman Filter
DATA-02 Daniel Sveta Miladinovich, Student IN poster competition Data Assimilation of Neutral Wind Measurements to Estimate the Ionosphere-Thermosphere State
DATA-03 Mihail Codrescu and Stefan Codrescu, presented by Stefan Codrescu, Student NOT in competition On the Importance of Data Assimilation for the Thermosphere Ionosphere System

Equatorial Thermosphere or Ionosphere
EQIT-01 Ethan S. Miller, Non-student Ionospheric Structure Observed by a Transequatorial HF Radio Experiment
EQIT-02 Dustin A. Hickey, Student IN poster competition Observations of large and small scale ESF irregularities over Jicamarca from an all-sky imager and AMISR-14
EQIT-03 Dimitrios Iliou, Student IN poster competition Validation of space based equatorial plasma bubbles measurements using ground based observations
EQIT-04 Yu Jiao, Student IN poster competition Signal Fading Characteristics of Low-latitude Scintillation Observed Across the GPS Frequency Bands
EQIT-05 Sovit Khadka, Student IN poster competition Study of the longitudinal variability of equatorial electrojet current and its impact on ionospheric TEC in South America
EQIT-06 Andrew Kiene, Student IN poster competition Equatorial F-region neutral winds and shears near sunset measured with chemical release techniques
EQIT-07 , Pablo M. Reyes, Student IN poster competition Study of the equatorial valley region using Jicamarca ISR and VIPIR ionosonde
EQIT-08 Jessica Mae Smith, Student IN poster competition On the occurrence of equatorial F-region irregularities and the magnitude of the pre-reversal enhancement of the evening plasma drifts
EQIT-09 Jonathon Smith, Student IN poster competition The evolution of equatorial plasma depletions described by the CNOFS/CINDI mission
EQIT-10 Gebreab Zewdie, Student IN poster competition Spectral observation of equatorial spread F irregularities using the MELISSA radar in the Brazilian sector
EQIT-11 Robert Sorbello, Student NOT in poster competition Preliminary Comparative Observations between Jicamarca and Recently Installed VHF Radar in Huancayo, Peru
EQIT-12 Ross L. Dinsmore, Student NOT in poster competition Multi-Instrument Observations of MSTIDs
EQIT-13 Ronald R. Ilma, Student NOT in poster competition Equatorial 130 km echoes at twilight
EQIT-14 Fabiano Rodrigues, Non-student AMISR goes equatorial: Observations of Spread F using 14 panels

Irregularities of Ionosphere or Atmosphere
IRRI-01 Chien Ya Wang, Non-student Upper E region field-aligned echoes over Chung-Li radar
IRRI-02 Pei-yun Chiu, Student IN poster competition Spatial and Temporal Variation of the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC S4 scintillation index using Tidal Analysis
IRRI-03 Xinan Yue, Non-student The effect of ionosphericirregularities on GNSS radio occultation signals
IRRI-04 Leslie J. Lamarche, Student IN poster competition Solar control of F region radar backscatter: Further insights from observations in the southern polar cap
IRRI-05 Diana C. Loucks, Student IN poster competition Polar Ionosphere Structure and High Latitude Scintillation Impacts from the March 17, 2013 Geomagnetic Storm
IRRI-06 Catalin Negrea, Student IN poster competition Characteristics, Variability and Impact of Atmospheric Gravity Waves in the Thermosphere-Ionosphere as Determined from Dynasonde Data
IRRI-07 , F. F. Lin, Student NOT in poster competition Simultaneous investigation of F region irregularities made with Chung-Li VHF radar, Yonaguni all-sky imager and COSMIC satellite
IRRI-08 Enrique Rojas, Student NOT in poster competition Kinetic simulations of Farley-Buneman instabilities
IRRI-09 Matthew Young, Student NOT in poster competition Development of a Parallel PIC/Fluid Simulation of E-region Farley-Buneman Turbulence
IRRI-10 Catherine Sullivan, Student IN poster competition Simultaneous detection of ionospheric perturbations using mid-latitude all-sky imagers and equatorial C/NOFS measurements

Instruments or Techniques for Ionosphereic or Thermospheric Observations
ITIT-01 Eugene V. Dao, Non-student Bistatic HF measurements of TIDs at White Sands, NM
ITIT-02 Carl Andersen, Student IN poster competition Neutral Winds and Turbulence in the Lower Thermosphere as observed with Multi-Point, Chemical-Release Sounding Rocket Payloads
ITIT-03 Brett Isham, Non-student Exploiting Artificial Intelligence for Radio Data Selection on-board the Puerto Rico CubeSat
ITIT-04 Saurav Aryal, Student IN poster competition HiT&MIS: Instrumentation for Auroral and Ionospheric Airglow Studies
ITIT-05 Edgardo Pacheco, Non-student Cubesat and ground-based instrumentation for TEC measurements at low latitudes
ITIT-06 George Geddes, Student IN poster competition Tackling Inverse Problems with Markov Chain Radiative Transfer
ITIT-07 Gareth William Perry, Non-student Initial results from HF radio wave propagation studies with ePOP
ITIT-08 Michael Hirsch, Student IN poster competition Contemporary Auroral Tomography Techniques
ITIT-09 Jianqi Qin, Non-student Radiative Transfer Modeling of the OI 135.6-nm Emissions in the Nighttime Ionosphere
ITIT-10 Dev Joshi, Student IN poster competition High Frequency Propagation Modeling results from Metal Oxide Space Cloud (MOSC) experiment
ITIT-11 Jeff Spaleta, Non-student Ionospheric scattering observations using extended SuperDARN pulse sequences with multi-frequency Bayesian inference methods
ITIT-12 Jorge Ortiz, Student IN poster competition Web-based radar controller system with 16 programmable output channels
ITIT-13 Ming Yao, Non-student The Prototype Incoherent Scatter Radar System of Nanchang University, China
ITIT-14 Timothy Joseph Palinski, Student IN poster competition Improving geolocation of SuperDARN measurements using HAARP-induced backscatter
ITIT-15 Weiwei Sun, Student IN poster competition Computing acceleration of ambiguity function estimation algorithms with GPU
ITIT-16 Ningchao Wang, Student IN poster competition Seeking Lagrangian Coherent Structures in Ionospheric-Thermospheric Flows
ITIT-17 Jiahao Zhong, Student IN poster competition Is the long-term variation of the estimated GPS differential code biases associated with ionospheric variability?
ITIT-18 Robert Albarran, Student NOT in poster competition Plasma density wakes around CubeSats in the Earth's Ionosphere
ITIT-19 Harrison W Bourne, Student NOT in poster competition Comparison of Gradient-Based GPS TEC Estimation with Arecibo and Jicamarca Incoherent Scatter Radar
ITIT-20 Derek Gardner, Student NOT in poster competition Field-Widened Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy: Calibration Techniques for Ha Airglow Observations
ITIT-21 Michelle Pyle, Student NOT in poster competition Design and Gate Driver Verification for a CubeSat Time-of-Flight Reflectron Mass Spectrometer for Upper Atmosphere Composition Measurements
ITIT-22 Guy Alan Grubbs, Student IN poster competition A Correlative Study of Ground-Based EMCCD Narrow-band Imaging and In-Situ Rocket Data
ITIT-23 John Swoboda, Student IN poster competition A Generalized Data Analysis Software Suite
ITIT-24 Jack Chieh Wang, Student NOT in poster competition Topside Ionospheric Plasma Temperatures Retrieved From FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Observations
ITIT-25 Brian Jay Anderson, Non-student AMPERE-II Status and Plans
ITIT-26 Preston Hooser, Student IN poster competition Implementation and Post Flight Data Analysis of a High-Altitude Balloon Payload to Study Neutral Thermospheric Wind Speeds through Redline Airglow Emissions of Atomic Oxygen at 630 nm via a Split-field Etalon Doppler Imager Utilizing Fabry-Perot Interferometery.

Long Term Variations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere
LTVI-01 Susan M. Nossal, Non-student Simulations of greenhouse gas influences on thermospheric atomic hydrogen
LTVI-02 Daniel James Fisher, Student IN poster competition A climatological analysis of Fabry-Perot derived thermospheric winds and temperatures from solar minimum to maximum
LTVI-03 Jessica Marie Hawkins, Student IN poster competition Topside Ionospheric Response to Solar EUV Variability
LTVI-04 Chih-Te Hsu, Student IN poster competition Plasma Temperatures in the Topside Ionosphere
LTVI-05 withdrawn

MidLatitude Thermosphere or Ionosphere
MDIT-01 Patrick Dandenault, Student IN poster competition Midnight ionosphere collapse at Townsville and its relationship to the meridional neutral wind over a complete solar cycle
MDIT-02 Nathaniel Anthony Frissell, Student IN poster competition Sources and Characteristics of Medium Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances Observed by a Longitudinally Distributed Chain of SuperDARN Radars Across the United States
MDIT-03 Pratik P. Joshi, Student IN poster competition Observations of storm-time mid-latitude ion-neutral coupling using SuperDARN radars and NATION Fabry-Perot interferometers
MDIT-04 Eunsol Kim, Student IN poster competition An Analysis of Topside Ionospheric Profiles from Alouette-1 Satellite During Solar Minimum
MDIT-05 Lara Waldrop et al, presented by Elizabeth Geyerman Student NOT in poster competition Evidence for a radiative recombination source of O 844.6 nm emission at mid-latitudes
MDIT-06 Magdalina Moses, Student NOT in poster competition Experiment Design to Assess Ionospheric Perturbations During a Solar Eclipse

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling
MITC-01 Meghan Burleigh, Student IN poster competition Thermospheric wind impacts on ionospheric upflow and outflow
MITC-02 Anthony Pritchard, Student IN poster competition Kinetic modeling of ionospheric frictional heating and O+ outflows
MITC-03 Alexander Crew, Non-student Spatial and Energy Scale of Electron Microbursts observed by the FIREBIRD-II CubeSats
MITC-04 Yun-Ju Chen, Student IN poster competition The Dynamics of the Ionospheric Convection Pattern
MITC-05 Brian J. Harding, Student IN poster competition The storm-time red line and fast oxygen: comparison of ground-based optical and space-based energetic neutral atom observations
MITC-06 Lucas Hurd, Student IN poster competition Characterizing high-latitude Joule heating in terms of the variance in PFISR electric fields
MITC-07 Joseph B. Jensen, Student IN poster competition Precipitation Effects Joule Heating and Neutral Densities of the Polar Ionosphere
MITC-08 Nick Perlongo, Student IN poster competition Self-Consistent Ring Current-Ionosphere/Thermosphere Coupling: Initial Results
MITC-09 Mykhaylo Shumko, Student IN poster competition Microburt Spatio-Temporal Morphology and the Electron Energy Distribution Measurments using the FIREBIRD II Spacecraft
MITC-10 Nithin Sivadas, Student IN poster competition Conjugate space-based and ground-based observations of energetic electrons during substorms
MITC-11 Austin Sousa, Student IN poster competition Event Detection Methods for Lightning-Induced Electron Precipitation using FIREBIRD-II
MITC-12 Kevin Urban, Student IN poster competition The solar wind-polar cap open field interaction
MITC-13 Jason Ahrns, Student NOT in poster competition Locating the source of short-duration pulsating aurora
MITC-14 Hassanali Akbari, Student NOT in poster competition Investigating the Non-Maxwellian Ion Velocity Distribution via RISR
MITC-15 Spencer Hatch, Student NOT in poster competition Search for Drivers of Cusp Alfven Waves and Ion Outflow

Planetary Studies
PLAN-01 Saiveena Kesaraju, Student IN poster competition Monostatic and Bistatic Delay Doppler Imaging of the Moon

Polar Aeronomy
POLA-01 Mark Conde et al., presented by Manbharat Singh Dhadly Student NOT in poster competition The C-REX Sounding Rocket Mission
POLA-02 Manbharat Singh Dhadly, Student IN poster competition Dependence of High Latitude Upper Atmospheric Horizontal Winds, Vertical Winds, and Temperatures on Geospace Conditions and Orientation of Interplanetary Magnetic Field
POLA-03 Jun Liang, Non-student Spatial-temporal structure and plasma feature of polar cap patches ----- RISR observations
POLA-04 Victoriya Forsythe, Student IN poster competition Dual radar investigation of E region plasma waves in the southern polar cap
POLA-05 Irfan Azeem, Non-student Phase Scintillation and TEC from a Latitude Chain of GPS Receivers in Alaska
POLA-06 Lindsay Victoria Goodwin, Student IN poster competition Swarm in situ observations of F-region polar cap patches created by cusp precipitation
POLA-07 Christopher Fallen, Non-student Altitude-power simulations of enhanced 427.8 nm wavelength airglow observed during ionosphere HF-modification experiments at HAARP and EISCAT
POLA-08 Yang Lu, Student IN poster competition Dependence of height-integrated Pedersen conductivity in high-latitudes
POLA-09 Geonhwa Jee, Non-student Vertical Incidence Pulsed Ionospheric Radar (VIPIR) installed at Jang Bogo Station, Antarctica
POLA-10 Cheng Sheng, Student IN poster competition Correlation between Poynting flux and soft electron precipitation in the dayside polar cap boundary regions
POLA-11 Changsup Lee, Non-student Observation for the neutral winds in the polar upper atmosphere by Fabry-Perot interferometer at Jang Bogo Station, Antarctica
POLA-12 Boyi Wang, Student IN poster competition Triggering and evolution of dayside polar cap airglow patches by satellite-imager coordinated observations
POLA-13 Qian Wu, Non-student Thermospheric Wind Observations Inside the Northern Polar Cap
POLA-14 Ying Zou, Student IN poster competition Connection of polar cap arc and associated meso-scale flow to nightside auroral oval disturbances
POLA-15 Cheng Sheng et al., presented by Manqi Shi, Student NOT in poster competition Intense Poynting flux at very high latitude during magnetic storms: GITM simulation results
POLA-16 Vicki Hsu, Student IN poster competition Indirect Momentum-Energy Coupling in the F-region Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
POLA-17 Samuel Sanders, Student IN poster competition Simultaneous velocity and temperature measurements of the thermospheric neutral atmosphere and ionospheric plasma above 200 km over Poker Flat, Alaska

Solar Terr Interactions in the Upper Atmosphere
SOLA-01 Naomi Maruyama, Non-student Ionosphere Plasmasphere Electrodynamics (IPE) Model Development for connection between terrestrial and space weather
SOLA-02 Naomi Maruyama, Non-student Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Plasmasphere coupling from the new Ionosphere Plasmasphere Electrodynamics (IPE) Model
SOLA-03 Mariangel Fedrizzi, Non-student Improving storm-time NO Cooling in CTIPe model using TIMED/SABER Observations
SOLA-04 Ji-hee Lee, Non-student The relationship between high-speed solar wind streams and ozone loss in the upper stratosphere and mesosphere
SOLA-05 Tomoko Matsuo, Non-student Predictability and Ensemble Modeling of the Space-Atmosphere Interaction Region (SAIR)
SOLA-06 Janelle Valarie Jenniges, Student IN poster competition Approximating Midlatitude Fall-off Velocity Profiles in the Dawn and Dusk Sectors of the High Latitude Convection Pattern
SOLA-07 Xing Meng, Non-student Towards Forecasting Ionospheric Storms with Physics-based Modeling
SOLA-08 Emine Ceren Kalafatoglu Eyiguler, Student IN poster competition Quantitative assessment of the neutral wind contribution to Joule heating during geomagnetic storms
SOLA-09 Yang-Yi Sun, Non-student Global Total Electron Content Response to the 17 March 2015 Geomagnetic Storm
SOLA-10 Jeongheon Kim, Student IN poster competition A quantitative analysis of solar flux effects on the ionosphere by using FISM spetra
SOLA-11 Yong Gong, Non-student On the electric field mapping of the F-region to the E-region at Arecibo
SOLA-12 Yen-Chieh Lin, Student IN poster competition Model simulation of ion and electron density profiles in lower part of ionosphere
SOLA-13 , Rafael Mesquita, Student IN poster competition New Results on the Midnight Temperature Maximum for Middle Latitudes
SOLA-14 Haibing Ruan, Student IN poster competition Variation of the nighttime enhancement in Thermospheric density
SOLA-15 Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, Student NOT in poster competition Influence of auroral streamers on rapid evolution of SAPS flows
SOLA-16 Jie Zhu, Student IN poster competition Investigating the performance of the Joule heating rate as an approximate form of the ion-neutral collisional heating rate in a global ionosphere-thermosphere model