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2015 CEDAR Workshop On-Line Registration

Seattle, WA, Sunday June 21 to Thursday June 25, 2015

CEDAR Registration Fees:

  • Students (Graduate and Foreign) and CEDAR Post-Docs - $225
  • Undergraduate Students - $175
    • Students must register by Friday, 15 May. A late fee of $75.00 is imposed on student registrations beginning on Monday, 18 May. Cancellations after May 15 incur a $15.00 charge.
    • Student registration includes the CEDAR Banquet Dinner.
    • To receive travel support including shared lodging at the University of Washington Dorms and airfare/mileage reimbursement, STUDENTS MUST PRESENT A POSTER. Anyone submitting a lodging request that does not submit an abstract by Friday, 15 May will not receive travel support. Lodging assignments will be emailed in early June.
    • Any student electing not to stay at the provided hotel will be reimbursed $50.00/night after the conference has been completed and their hotel receipts have been submitted to Michelle McCambridge.
    • Advisers should send e-mail certification to Barbara Emery that their students are working in an area of CEDAR related work, and in hardship cases can ask that the registration fee for their students be waived. (NOTE: UCAR will not be making any air flight arrangements except in selected cases approved or mandated in advance.)
  • Regular - $425
    • Registration includes the CEDAR Banquet Dinner on Monday, 22 June. Guests are invited to attend the reception at the cost of $50/pp.
    • A late fee of $75.00 is imposed on Regular registrations beginning on Monday, 1 June. Cancellations incur a $15.00 charge.
  • One Day (CEDAR Welcome Reception not included) - $150
  • Two Day (CEDAR Welcome Reception not included) - $250
  • CEDAR Welcome Reception - $50.00
  • VISA, Mastercard or Diners Club credit cards can be used in the registration process on-line. We do not accept American Express.

Late fees ($75) are imposed on ALL groups but the Waived if they are late as defined above.

Post-Submittal Editing and Reports (e.g. abstracts, payment, etc)

It is possible to edit the registration information, look at confirmation pages, and view reports from the registration site. Participants can pay cash at the registration desk, mail a check or pay by Visa, MasterCard or Diners credit card. Receipts for credit card payments are emailed immediately, and can also be printed out later.

Please be aware that a late fee of $75 is imposed (see above for when).

One or two abstracts can be added later at a later date. Poster abstracts are required and due Friday, May 15. The poster session abstracts for Poster sessions will be available in .pdf format in the form of a poster booklet.

  • Click above on '2015 CEDAR Workshop On-Line Registration'
  • Enter your email address under 'Post-Submittal Editing' Log in and click 'Submit'
  • Click on one of the activities under 'Edit Your Submission', 'View Confirmations of Submitted Data' or 'Other'
  • Exit to another URL

General Information:

  • In an effort to become more environmentally friendly CEDAR will not be providing registration packets. We will provide Workshop Agendas and a small amount of additional handout materials for your reference at the workshop registration tables.
  • All Workshop Materials Will Be Available Online.
  • Wifi is available to all attendees on the University of Washington campus.