2020 Workshop:CEDAR Long Term Vision

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CEDAR Science Past the Next Decade – A Long-Term Vision


Jens Oberheide
Asti Bhatt
Katrina Bossert
Lindsay Goodwin
McArthur Jones Jr.
Ryan McGranaghan


The CEDAR Strategic Plan was adopted almost 10 years ago and the next Decadal Survey is on the horizon. The Decadal Survey Midterm Assessment calls for strategic community planning that goes beyond the next decade: a long-term ~30 year vision of ambitious objectives that may also help to shape what can and should be achieved into the next decade and beyond. It is thus timely to start a discussion of CEDAR’s long-term science vision, identify the requisite technology and infrastructure developments to achieve that vision, and to establish a community-determined framework for communicating CEDAR science to the broader science and general communities. Early career scientists have a particularly strong stake in a 30-year vision. We are currently looking to discuss a wide variety of ideas and ways in which we can improve CEDAR and will solicit community input through a survey before the workshop.

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CEDAR Long-Term Vision I, 9-10 MDT

  • Plenary group presentations and open questions. The emphasis will be on
  • Critical science questions
  • Limitations
  • Enabling factors
  • Trends and gaps
  • Vision Speakers

Speakers (see presentation resources below for files):

Lindsay Goodwin – Introduction and Workshop Charge (5 min)
Robyn Millan – Overview of Decadal Survey Midterm Assessment (10 min)
Allison Jaynes – Geospace Dynamics Constellation Science and Technology Definition Team – GDC STDT (5 min)
Tony Mannucci – Space Weather Forecasting and Outcome of 2019 Chapman Conference (5 min)
Jeff Thayer – CEDAR Strategic Thrusts (20 min)
Q&A – after each talk (total of 15 min)

BREAK 10-10:30 MDT Question and comments can be submitted through chat window or on Slack (#cedar-long-term-vision)

CEDAR Long-Term Vision II, 10:30-11:30 MDT

About 3-4 breakout sessions to discuss CEDAR’s long-term vision in smaller groups. The discussion topics will be based on community feedback received before the workshop and from previous talks. Session members will be assigned at random, and no slides/presentations will be allowed. After 35 minutes, each group will return to the full group for a 15 minute debrief.

Workshop Summary

Workshop Summary Report

Presentation Resources

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