2020 Workshop:Discovery science near the mag equator

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Discovery science near the magnetic equator

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2 hours


D. Hysell
M. Milla

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Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: equatorial - Other:

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Short Presentations

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A number of dramatic discoveries are emerging from research in the equatorial ionosphere. These include progress in understanding and forecasting ionospheric irregularities and space weather, discoveries of new waves and instabilities in the valley region, F region, and inner plasmasphere, and a better appreciation for the impact of neutral winds and waves on the ionospheric state. These discoveries are matched my a number of new observing platforms and methods. ICON. GOLD, and COSMIC II offer exciting opportunities for renewing what we know about the ionosphere at low and middle latitudes. Jicamarca is undergoing a substantial upgrade which will permit the measurement of all ionospheric state variables simultaneously and also allow almost continuous ISR observations. The LISN network and some newly-deployed optical instruments will promote discovery research further. Finally, the possibility of a NASA sounding rocket campaign from PERU in the next few years appears likely and timely.

This workshop will review some of the most notable, recent discoveries and connect the work with the myriad experimental possibilities that have emerged suddenly together. The goal is to help join experimentalists, theorists, and modellers with a range of backgrounds and channel their efforts into the most promising emerging lines of research near the magnetic equator.


The format of the workshop will be short presentations punctuated by discussion. We will mainly be informing the CEDAR community about breaking discoveries of which many may not be aware and about new opportunities for experimental work, particularly at low magnetic latitudes. In subsequent workshops, we will track research projects along the lines identified in this one. We will also help define projects and teams participating in the aforementioned sounding rocket campaign.

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