2020 Workshop:ICON data tutorial and workshop

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ICON data tutorial and workshop

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2 hours


Brian Harding
Colin Triplett
Yen-Jung Joanne Wu

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Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: equatorial - Other:

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Audience seating with tables for laptops


The recent successful launch and commissioning of NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) offers a valuable dataset for studying ionosphere-thermosphere variability, ion-neutral coupling, energetics, and dynamics, among other topics. The CEDAR 2020 workshop will occur soon after the first several months of ICON data will be made available to the public. By introducing the community to the benefits and limitations of this dataset, and by dedicating time for the CEDAR community to interact with members of the ICON science team, this workshop will enable the community to “Manage, mine, and manipulate geosciences/geospace data and models.” [CEDAR Strategic Plan, 2011]

The broader science investigations that will be enabled by the ICON dataset, combined with the theoretical and experimental capabilities of the CEDAR community, will contribute to the following strategic thrusts:

Decadal Survey for Solar and Space Physics (2012): - Determine the dynamics and coupling of Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and atmosphere and their response to solar and terrestrial inputs. - Determine the origins of the Sun’s activity and predict the variations of the space environment.

CEDAR Strategic Plan (2011): - Encourage and undertake a systems perspective of geospace. - Explore exchange processes at boundaries and transitions in geospace. - Develop observational and instrumentation strategies for geospace system studies


ICON was launched in October 2019 and aims to study the sources of ionospheric variability. From an equatorial, low-earth orbiting platform, it simultaneously observes the neutral wind, temperature, and composition along with the ionospheric drift, temperature, and density. This unprecedented dataset will be of enormous benefit to CEDAR science. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate its use by the CEDAR community.

The first half of the workshop will consist of short presentations introducing ICON data. The second half will be an informal, hackathon-style workshop. Example scripts to download ICON data and run example analyses will be provided before the session. Attendees are encouraged to come with questions.

(60-75 min) ICON data tutorial - Short presentations on each of ICON’s data products: Introduction, assumptions, limitations, and best practices: - Neutral wind profiles - Neutral temperature profiles - O and N2 density profiles - O+ density profiles - Ion density, velocity, and temperature (in situ)

(45-60 min) Open workshop and hackathon Participants will download ICON data, perform analyses, and create plots, using pre-made scripts as templates (IDL, Python) Members of the ICON science team will be available for questions and assistance

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