2020 Workshop:Q A

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Q1. Are there NSF programs to support multidisciplinary science spanning the troposphere and middle and upper atmosphere? Thank you.

A1: Yes, at NSF we do support multidisciplinary sciences and I view it as an important aspect as a program director to encourage and facilitate such research. The troposphere research belongs to Physical and Dynamical Meteorology (PDM) program, which is in the same AGS division. Alan Liu (Aeronomy program director) often talk to Program Directors in PDM and discussion cross-funding on suitable proposals.


Q1. Is NASA providing any support in terms of its expertise to the pandemic situation?

Q2. Is there any citizenship restriction on Jack Eddy postdoc fellowship?

Q3. Will there be a draft AO for GDC and an opportunity for community input?

Q4. How are high risk/high impact proposals be reviewed? What is the process?

Q5. Can NASA provide some public talks available for students to access at any time? Especially about new or active missions and published data and recent papers.


Q1. If a similar topic has already been proposed as a FST, shall we still go ahead and comment on the importance?

A1: All comments and feedback on any proposed FST are welcome – especially those regarding the significance of any proposed FST. Proposed changes to any suggested FST are also welcome.