2021 Workshop:Decadal Survey Prep

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Looking forward towards 2050: Gearing up for the Decadal Survey

Location, Date/Time and Duration

1-3 Mountain Time (3-5 PM Eastern), Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Douglas Rowland
Jared Leisner
Shasha Zou

Workshop Categories

Altitudes: IT - Latitudes: global - Inst/Model: satellite - Other: ITM and MLT wide, all instrument / models, all latitudes

Format of the Workshop

Round Table

Our CEDAR session “Looking forward towards 2050: Gearing up for the Decadal Survey” will be held 1-3 Mountain time (3-5 PM Eastern) next Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

In that morning’s plenary session (8-930 Mountain / 10-1130 Eastern on Tuesday, June 22) we will have heard from Alan Liu, Julie Moses, and John McCormack (NSF, AFOSR, NASA) with “Agency Updates” and from Shasha Zou with a report on Helio 2050.

1 PM Mountain Shasha and Doug brief kickoff / intro 5 minutes
105 PM Lisa Winter / NSF – Decadal Survey perspective 10 minutes
115 PM Elsayed Talaat / NOAA – Decadal Survey perspective 10 minutes
125 PM Jared Leisner / NASA – Decadal Survey perspective 10 minutes
135 PM Art Charo / Abby Sheffer NASEM process for Decadal 10 minutes
145 PM Christina Cohen / LWS architecture study 10 minutes
155 PM Shasha and Doug – DS white paper coordination intro 5 minutes
200 PM white paper open discussion – identify big themes and topics 10 minutes
210 PM report from Anthea Coster / ISR working group 10 minutes
220 PM report from other Helio2050 groups: R Nikoukar / SWx 5 minutes
225 PM report from other Helio2050 groups: Lindsay future of comm 5 minutes
230 PM report from other Helio2050 groups: Larry Mag / Geospace 5 minutes
235 PM report from other Helio2050 groups: Ryan/Asti data science 10 minutes
245 PM open discussion 15 minutes
300 PM adjourn

Estimated attendance


Requested Specific Days

mid week if possible, early in week if not

Special technology requests


This is a programmatic / science discussion, which will include NSF, NASA, NOAA program leads outlining the Decadal Survey process and how it may align with ongoing trends / programs in the Agencies, and also a 2-hour discussion forum (community led workshop / roundtable style) where people will make the case for various science topics / investigations needed to span the next thirty years of ITM physics


The CEDAR 2021 Workshop is a prime opportunity for the ITM community to amplify the discussions that started with the Heliophysics 2050 Workshop and look forward to what new and emerging science topics should be addressed in the next and following decades. In this workshop, we provide a place for the community to learn about the next decadal survey, what the federal agencies are looking towards in the coming decades, and what community preparations are already underway. There will be discussions about agency programs and how they leverage the decadal survey, summaries from pre-decadal discussions already underway, and a whole-workshop dialog about where ITM science should go and how it fits into the expanding field of solar and space physics.

Workshop Summary

This is where the final summary workshop report will be.

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