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(Posted 21 Jun 2007)

Research Positions at Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates (ASTRA), San Antonio, Texas

Available: immediately

ASTRA is a rapidly growing company that provides a supportive yet challenging environment for research and development in space physics. We are seeking outstanding scientists and engineers for various positions.

  1. Modeling of Upper Atmospheres of Earth and Mars The successful candidate will have experience with first principles modeling of physical systems, and will have a Ph. D. in plasma physics, atmospheric and space science, fluid dynamics, dynamic meteorology, or an appropriate branch of engineering. At ASTRA, you will develop new capabilities for existing first principles models of the ionosphere, thermosphere, magnetosphere, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, field-aligned currents, and global convection. There is also the opportunity to apply your skills to modeling of the Martian upper atmosphere. Applicants with experience developing or running Fortran codes on high-performance computers are particularly encouraged to apply.
  2. Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Magnetosphere Research You will have a strong theoretical grounding in ionospheric/thermospheric or magnetospheric physics, knowledge of E-M theory, especially applied to ionospheric plasma and conductivities, a background in the study of magnetospheric/ionospheric storms or M-I coupling. At ASTRA you will be engaged in the analysis of ground-based and satellite data sets to investigate mechanisms producing ionospheric, thermospheric and/or magnetospheric variability.
  3. Data Assimilation You will have expertise in Estimation Theory, Kalman filters, knowledge of data assimilation, and inverse theory (especially as applied to tomography). At ASTRA you will help to develop state of the art assimilative techniques and models both for operational applications, and for improved scientific understanding of the ionosphere, thermosphere and/or magnetosphere.
  4. Instrument Development You will have experience in the development and deployment of cutting-edge ground-based or satellite instrumentation. At ASTRA you will apply your knowledge to the development of HF radio, GPS, or UV sensors and their applications.

Requirements for all of the above positions Include: Ph.D. Degree in Atmospheric, Space, or related science; or Ph.D. Degree in electrical, optical, or mechanical engineering. (Postdoctoral experience is desirable, but not necessary).

Desirable Skills and Abilities: Demonstrated excellence and productivity in scientific or engineering research, as evidenced by publications in refereed scientific or engineering journals. Skill in establishing and maintaining effective scientific collaborations, and working as a team member Ability to write scientific or engineering manuscripts and present results in seminars and conferences. Skill in oral and written communication. Ability to write (or learn to write) proposals for research opportunities and to manage awarded projects. Leadership skills to develop and coordinate research programs. Commitment to the value of a work environment that is culturally diverse and involves varied scientific disciplines and approaches.

Opportunities are available for suitably qualified individuals at a range of levels, from post-doctoral appointments up through more senior positions. Salaries will be commensurate with experience, and ASTRA offers a full range of benefits. Interested applicants should submit their curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, and the names of three references to: Dr. Geoff Crowley ( or Dr Gary Bust ( Other enquiries should also be addressed to Dr Bust (

Review of applicants will begin immediately, and will continue until all positions are filled. ASTRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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