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(Posted 25 Apr 2007)

Equatorial Ionosphere postdoc at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan - due 31 Aug

Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity: Equatorial Ionospheric Study. A program of studying equatorial ionospheric electrodynamics, irregularities and radiowave scintillations has become effective under supervision of Professor C. H. Liu at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. The study will utilize data from Taiwanese FORMOSAT series, FORMOSAT-1 (ROCSAT-1), FORMOSAT-2 and FORMOSAT-3/ COSMIC. A postdoctoral fellow position is available to join the program.

The applicant should have a Ph. D. in plasma physics, atmospheric and space science or electrical engineering with close understanding of ionospheric physics, especially in the equatorial region. Working knowledge or expertise in using TIEGCM, SAMI2, or SUPIM models to model the observed data is a plus. The working station for the position is located in the campus of National Central University in Chung-Li, about 40 kilometers south of Taipei. Annual (12 months + 1.5 months bonus) salary for the postdoc ranges from NTD786,000 to 1,133,000 depending on seniority and experiences. The position is renewable every year for first 3 years. Please send complete CV and three (3) letters of references, by August 31, 2007, to Prof. S.-Y. Su, Institute of Space Science, National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan. You can inquire more about the position by sending e-mail to

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