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(Posted 21 Feb 2007)

Dr. William W.L. "Bill" Taylor Memorial Scholarship Competition for high school seniors, undergrads or grad students for DC area colleges

Many of us remember Bill Taylor, who passed away in July 2005, as an outstanding plasma wave scientist and manager but you may not have known how passionate he was about education and public outreach. In 1988, Bill was one of the co-founders of the Interactive NASA Space Physics Ionospheric Radio Experiments or INSPIRE. Today, there are over 1800 VLF INSPIRE radio receivers in schools all across the country.

In memory of Bill, INSPIRE with its partners at the DC Space Grant Consortium, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, QSS, Raytheon and Woman Friday, LLC, has established a science scholarship competition. A total of $20,000 will be given away in 6 prize categories. These scholarships are intended to recognize highly motivated science students and encourage their continued course of study in the physical sciences.

Scholarships will be awarded to senior high school students and college students (undergraduate and graduate) seeking funding for expenses at a Washington DC Metropolitan area university or college for the upcoming academic year. This competition seeks to encourage students to conduct individual or group research that will focus on exploring and understanding natural and manmade very low frequency electromagnetic waves.

Applications are due February 28, 2007. Please spread the word. For more details and applications procedures see the URL:

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