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(Posted 27 Feb 2007)


13th EISCAT Workshop (6-10 Aug) and EISCAT Radar School (30 Jul-3 Aug, 13-17 Aug) in Finland - abstracts due 17 April, financial aid applications due 17 April

13th EISCAT International Workshop: 6-10 August 2007 in Mariehamn, �land Islands, Finland

EISCAT Radar School:
Week 1: 30 July - 3 August 2007 in Mariehamn, Eland Islands,
Week 2: 13-17 August 2007 in Sodankyld, Finland.


The EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter) Scientific Association is an international research organisation, which operates three incoherent scatter (IS) radar systems and a powerful ionospheric heater in Northern Scandinavia and on Svalbard. The radars are used to study the processes taking place in the high-latitude ionosphere as a result of various interactions between the terrestrial magnetosphere, ionosphere and atmosphere.

The 13th biennial EISCAT Workshop will be held in August in the beautiful archipelago of the �land Islands in Finland. The venue is in the town of Mariehamn, which is easily accessible, both from the mainland of Finland as well as from Sweden. The science sessions will cover a broad range of topics (see below), which include both traditional and novel applications of EISCAT and other incoherent scatter radars in the world.

The 2007 EISCAT Workshop will be accompanied by a Radar School divided into two parts: the first part before and the other after the workshop.

We welcome all scientists and students who use EISCAT, other IS radars or other tools for studying the science topics included in the sessions. We encourage scientists as well as PhD students from other than EISCAT countries to attend the radar school and the workshop.

13th EISCAT Workshop, Science Sessions

Session 1: Mesosphere and D-Region Studies
Session 2: Auroral Phenomena
Session 3: Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Atmosphere Coupling Studies
Session 4: Structures and Dynamics of the Polar Cap and Cusp
Session 5: Ionospheric Plasma Physics and Scattering Mechanisms
Session 6: Ionospheric Modification by Radio Waves
Session 7: Meteor and Interplanetary Space Studies with Large Aperture Radars
Session 8: Novel Developments in Radar Techniques and Applications

EISCAT Radar School

The first part (Mariehamn) of the school is devoted to new and future users of EISCAT or other incoherent scatter (IS) radars. It will introduce the basics of IS radar measurements in general and give motivating examples of their application. The school will show how to access and interpret radar data. Furthermore, there will be two dedicated sessions on the future development of EISCAT mainland operations by using phased array techniques (EISCAT 3D) and on the new US AMISR radar.

The second part (Sodankyl� EISCAT site) is a continuation of the first week of the school, but it addresses more technical issues including the radar hardware, the control software, and the design of experiments. It is targeted at future experimenters but also at users who appreciate in-depth knowledge about EISCAT. The EISCAT radar will be used for a demonstration experiment and radar data will be studied during practicals.


  • Registration for the Workshop: 30 April 2007 * Registration for the Radar School: 30 April 2007 * Submission of abstracts: 17 April 2007 The on-line forms for registration, abstract submission etc. will be made available in mid February. Further information, instructions for registration and abstract submission can be found on-line at Applications for financial support are part of the registration process and are due 17 April. Support will only be considered if an abstract is submitted.

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