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(Posted 30 Aug 2007)

Airglow spectrograph postdocs (CESAR) at SRI International, CA

The Molecular Physics Laboratory at SRI International is planning to hire one or more post-doctoral fellows to assist in the design, construction, and fielding of a large echelle spectrograph - CESAR (Compact Echelle Spectrograph for Aeronomic Research) - to be used for nightglow and twilight glow studies at various sites.

Large astronomical telescopes are equipped with such spectrographs. As a by-product of regular astronomical observations, they record sky spectra, which are high-resolution spectra of the night sky, covering the 310-1040 nm wavelength range. The National Science Foundation is funding SRI to build a portable instrument with similar spectroscopic capabilities, to be used at various aeronomically interesting locations - the tropics, mid-latitudes, and the auroral regions - and to be operated remotely.

A preliminary design for CESAR exists, and we are searching for applicants who have experience in electro-mechanical and optical design, with hands-on experience in constructing a complex computer-controlled optical system. Experience in software development is desired for at least one of the applicants. We anticipate that the one-year position will be renewed for one or more additional years. After successful completion of this effort, the Molecular Physics Laboratory anticipates a staff position will open for operation and management of this instrument.

Applicants should send resumes to:
Dr. Tom Slanger, (
Molecular Physics Laboratory
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Fax: (650) 859-6196

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