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CEDAR Electrodynamics-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Challenge (CETIC)

Last updated by Barbara Emery on 07 Aug 2009.

This is the main page for the CEDAR Electrodynamics-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Challenge (CETIC) that was presented in the workshop run by Masha Kuznetsova of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) and Barbara Emery of the CEDAR Database at HAO/NCAR on Monday June 27 at the 2009 CEDAR Workshop in Santa Fe linked at the bottom of this page. Also linked is the Middle Atmosphere study comparing models to observations for SPARC/GRIPS.

The time intervals for the CETI Challenge are:

  1. GEM storm events:
    1. Event 1: Oct 29, 2003 06:00 UT - Oct 30, 06:00 UT
    2. Event 2: Dec 14, 2006 12:00 UT - Dec 16, 00:00 UT
    3. Event 3: Aug 31, 2001 00:00 UT - Sep 01, 00:00 UT
    4. Event 4: Aug 31, 2005 10:00 UT - Sep 01, 12:00 UT
  2. CEDAR climatology project:
    1. Mar 1, 2007 – Mar 1, 2008

The parameters/data for the CETI Challenge are:

  1. Electrodynamic (E)
    1. Delta H ground magnetometer equatorial daytime Viz (Dave Anderson)
    2. JULIA Viz (in madrigal, will be in CEDAR DB)
    3. Jicamarca ISR Viz (in madrigal, will be in CEDAR DB)
  2. Thermospheric (T)
    1. Neutral density & electron density at CHAMP position (Jiuhou Lei)
    2. Exospheric neutral temperature GUVI to 07213 (Bob Meier)
    3. Density from satellite drag at 400 km (Bruce Bowman)
    4. FPI 630 nm [O] red line (~210-300km) neutral winds (CEDAR DB has red line FPI data from spf, ahf, hfp, mjf, aqf, afp, fpf, aaf, mfp, wfp, cfp, pkf, sfp, ikf, rfp, tfp; But, none are for the climatology period - yet. Can at least get spf from Gonzalo Hernandez, aqf from Eva Robles, and rfp from Qian Wu.)
  3. Ionospheric (I)
    1. Global TEC (vertical) from madrigal ground based network (will be revised July-Sep 2009), COSMIC (Xiaoli Luan and others)
    2. Te, Ti (ISRs) (How to get timelines? )
    3. NmF2, HmF2 (COSMIC, ISRs)

Related Links

  • GRIPS middle atmosphere with SPARC Model-Data Intercomparisons (Steve Pawson)
    • First intercomparisons: "The GCM-Reality Intercomparisons Project for SPARC (GRIPS): Scientific Issues and Initial Results", by Pawson et al. in the April 2000 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. (Can be found via Google or at where the author to search on is Kevin Hamilton for the 2000 Bulletin of the AMS.)
    • Second intercomparisons: