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Last Revised 12/10/2014 by Barbara Emery

  1. 20-23 January 2014, 6th VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere (VERSIM) meeting, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, contact Craig Rodger (crodger at if interested,
  2. 28-31 January 2014, 2014 SORCE Science Meeting “Variability in the Sun and Climate over the SORCE Mission”, Cocoa Beach, FL, USA, abstracts due 8 November,
  3. 09-14 February 2014, AGU Chapman Conference on "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Solar System", Yosemite National Park, CA, abstracts due 9 October, housing deadline 19 December,
  4. 10-13 March 2014, 2014 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI), Las Vegas, NV,
  5. 30 March - 04 April 2014, 7th Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) Workshop, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, hotel bookings by 28 February,
  6. 07 April 2014, pre-SWW meetings, Boulder, CO, USA: CCMC CEDAR-GEM Challenge 9-12; L1 Requirements ~9-12; DSCOVR Follow-on Requirements Workshop 9-5; 1-5 Space Weather 101; 1-5 ??
  7. 08-11 April 2014, Space Weather Week Workshop, Boulder, CO, USA,
  8. 05-09 May 2014, 5th international High Energy Particle Precipitation in the Atmosphere (HEPPA), held jointly with SPARC/SOLARIS-HEPPA - Solar Influences for SPARC, Baden-Baden near Karlsruhe, Germany, abstracts with travel applications due 28 February, other abstracts due 15 March, a
  9. 25-31 May 2014, "Technical and Scientific Aspects of MST Radar" MST14 /iMST1, National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, abstracts due 07 March,
  10. 02-06 June 2014, African Geophysical Society (AGS) conference, Abuja, Nigeria,
  11. 15-20 June 2014, GEM Workshop, Portsmouth, VA, Sunday June 15 Student Workshop (students only) register at info at (GEM wiki)
  12. 19-20 June 2014, Third Swarm Science Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, abstracts are due 30 May,
  13. 22-26 June 2014, Sunday June 22 CEDAR Student Workshop for students and non-students, regular meetings to ~6PM Thursday June 26 at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA,
  14. 22-27 June 2014, SHINE Workshop, (Sunday June 22 is student day), Telluride, CO,
  15. 07-11 July 2014, 6th Alfven conference: Plasma interaction with solar system objects: Anticipating Rosetta, Maven and Mars Orbiter Mission, University College London (UCL), UK,
  16. 28-31 July 2014, 8th International Workshop on "Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere", Cambridge, United Kingdom, financial assistance applications due 28 March,
  17. 28 July - 01 August 2014, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 2014 meeting (AOGS2014), Sapporo, Japan, abstracts due 11 February,
  18. 02-10 August 2014, 40th COSPAR (Committee on Space Research), Moscow, Russia, abstracts due mid-February 2014,
  19. 16-23 August 2014, URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, Beijing, China, abstracts due 15 February,
  20. 17-21 August 2014, 41st Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods, Stockholm, Sweden, abstracts due 15 June, student support applications due 31 May,
  21. 01-05 September 2014, AGU Chapman Conference on "Low-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas", Jeju Island, Republic of Korea,
  22. 01-05 September 2014, 24th European Cosmic Ray Symposium, Kiel, Germany, abstracts due 30 May,
  23. 08-12 September 2014, 14th European Solar Physics Meeting (ESPM-14), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland,
  24. 15-20 September 2014, Geospace Revisited: a Cluster/MAARBLE/Van Allen Probes Conference, Rhodes, Greece,
  25. 21-23 October 2014, (invitation only) Technical Interchange Meeting on Scientific Challenges in Thermosphere-Ionosphere Forecasting, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, USA, contact anthony.j.mannucci at if interested.
  26. 02-06 November 2014, 2014 Living With a Star (LWS) Science Meeting: “Evolving Solar Activity and Its Influence on Space and Earth”, Portland, OR, USA, abstracts due 1 August,
  27. 03-06 November 2014, 2014 Living With a Star (LWS) Science Meeting: “Evolving Solar Activity and Its Influence on Space and Earth”, abstracts and travel applications due 1 August, Portland, Oregon, USA,
  28. 10-14 November 2014, 12th International Conference on Substorms (ICS-12), Ise-Shima Royal Hotel, Shima, Japan, abstracts and financial requests due 30 June, presentations encouraged to submit to the ICS-12 special issue on the open-access refereed journal "Earth, Planets, and Space" (EPS) (,
  29. 17-21 November 2014, 11th European Space Weather Week, Liège, Belgium, abstracts due 11 June,
  30. 02-04 December 2014, L5 Consortium Meeting, Boulder, CO, USA, register on-line before Nov 15 at
  31. 14 December 2014, mini-GEM on Sunday afternoon before AGU, the Westin Market Street Hotel, 50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA, agenda at
  32. 15-19 December 2014, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA
  33. Tuesday 16 December 2014 at AGU, several students will be hosting a 1 hour NSF Graduate Fellowship Program Preparation (GRFP) Workshop beginning at 11AM for undergraduates, pre-candidate graduate students, and faculty members who

wish to know more about how to write a successful NSF GRFP application.