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From Mike Kosch (m.kosch at on 2 April 2013.

EISCAT international symposium 12-16 August 2013 - registration open

The EISCAT international symposium on incoherent scatter radar based research will run 12-16 August 2013 at Lancaster University in the UK. Regardless of which facility you might use, you are all most welcome and invited to attend. Please visit for further information on travel and sessions as well as details on how to register, book accommodation and submit your abstracts. The planned sessions are:

  • Ionospheric modification and plasma physics.
  • EISCAT_3D science – the future of ISR science.
  • Novel techniques and applications – the future of ISR and radar, including the ESR third dish.
  • Space weather – including space debris, applications and impact.
  • Mesosphere and D-region phenomena – including MST science, meteors, dusty plasma and sudden stratospheric warming.
  • The coupled geospace environment – including multi-scale coupling between the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, thermosphere as well as field-aligned currents, waves and auroral phenomena.
  • EISCAT in the global context – including related ground-based instruments and space missions, both current and future.
  • Environmental change – including variability, long-term trends and solar forcing.
  • Posters on any session or related topic.

Please note that the early bird registration fee has a deadline of 15 May 2013.

Local Organising Committee

(Chair Mike Kosch)