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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 19 August 2014. CEDAR email messages are at

Please provide memories of Gonzalo Hernandez to his family for his memorial.

From barbara.emerygeiger at and Jason Hernandez (jason at

Gonzalo Hernandez of the Atmospheric Sciences Department of the University of Washington was a valued member of the CEDAR community. He loved designing and making Fabry-Perot spectrometers, which were deployed all over the world. He usually spent part of the Antarctic summer refurbishing his instruments there. Pictures of Gonzalo in his office at U WA are located under the summary pictures for the 2014 CEDAR Workshop at U WA at the end of . He died suddenly on Tuesday July 15 at age 78.

His colleague Robert Holzworth praised him in his announcement to the CEDAR community on 18 July at

Gonzalo's sons Jason and Andreas organized a small Celebration Of Life dinner in the Seattle area on August 8 for his local colleagues and friends that they were able to contact. Meanwhile, they ask that each of Gonzalo's friends contribute a story (or more) of something funny, risqué, silly, or amazing, that Gonzalo did in his life. Please write them down and send them to Jason Hernandez (jason at Gonzalo's family would very much like to hear them. In time, they will try to compile them all and make them available. They have already had so many emails from so many kind folks that they don’t have any way to truly thank everyone.

For the larger audience: In lieu of flowers, people may donate (if they want to), in his memory, to whichever one of the below charities they feel best in supporting. All support good causes.

Thank you.

Barbara Emery and

Jason and Tatyana Hernandez of Kirkland WA and Andreas Hernandez and Daniela Montano Wilhelms of Porto Alegre, Brasil