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From Ja Soon Shim ( on 4 May 2012.

Call for participation in the second round of the CEDAR Electrodynamics Thermosphere Ionosphere (ETI) Modeling Challenge – due May 25, 2012

The Challenge heads into the second round in which the role of drivers on IT model results will be studied. Modelers are encouraged to submit simulation results by the due date of May 25, 2012.

In the first round of the CEDAT ETI Challenge, nine time intervals and six physical parameters were selected, and up to 10 submissions for each parameter were compared. The results of the first round of the Challenge were reported in two papers (one published and one to be submitted). The detailed information for the Challenge is available at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) web site ( Initial setup for the Challenge planned at the first CETI Workshop in 2009, and discussions on the outcome of the first round in the last two workshops (2010 CETI Workshop at the 2010 CEDAR Workshop and 2011 GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge Workshop at the 2011 CEDAR-GEM joint Workshop) are available at (, ).

As a first step toward the second round of the Challenge, the December 2006 event (2006/12/13 (doy 347) 00:00 UT - 12/16 (doy 350) 00:00 UT) was selected to study the effect of different drivers. This study is also a part of GEM-CEDAR Modeling Challenge. We encourage IT modelers to perform simulations for the event with different models for the ionosphere potential pattern: 1) Weimer 2005 using 15-min averages of the IMF input parameters lagged -5 to -20 min provided by the NCAR and the CCMC; 2) AMIE provided by Aaron Ridley (University of Michigan); 3) Global magnetosphere models provided by the CCMC. Please contact Aaron Ridley or Ja Soon Shim if you need assistance to get ionospheric potentials from AMIE and/or global magnetosphere models.

The physical parameters to be used for metrics studies, time intervals, and observational data are available at and

Modelers are invited to submit simulation results through the interactive submission interface at CCMC website

Details of the required file formats for submitted results can be found at

Please send questions and comments to

  • Ja Soon Shim (
  • Barbara Emery (
  • Masha Kuznetsova (
  • Aaron Ridley (

This body part will be downloaded on demand.