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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent Dec 05, 2008. Meetings and jobs are listed at under

'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'.

1) Directions in Ionosphere-Thermosphere-Mesosphere Research:

   A Vision for Aeronomy in the Earth-Sun System, 10-12 February 2009,
   The Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, California - abstracts due 16 Jan
  From Jeff Thayer ( and
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The Aerospace Corporation will host a conference to discuss directions in ionosphere-thermosphere-mesosphere (ITM) research. The conference builds on the groundwork established during the 2007 Space-Based Ionosphere-Thermosphere Research (SBITR) conference. The conference provides a forum for achieving further consensus on ITM research goals such that future investments can be planned. This realm of the Earth-Sun system holds great interest for both the operational community and the research community, so contributions to the conference from both communities are needed and encouraged. The conference will proceed by first discussing the most urgent and important "big picture" questions from both communities. Questions are framed within the three thematic areas established by the SBITR conference: mass exchange, electrodynamic coupling, and chemical-dynamical coupling. Important results from recent research which help crystallize the directions needed to address these questions will then be discussed. New directions which will enable progress on these questions will include updates on strategies of stakeholder agencies and other entities. The conference will culminate in a panel discussion of ways in which the community will proceed to further ITM research. The results of the conference will be put forth as consensus products that can be used to inform the stakeholder communities as well as to guide investment strategies and plans. Participants should come prepared to assist in developing these products.


The format of the three-day conference is a sequence of oral and poster presentations, plus a plenary panel discussion. Participation is open to all, subject to a 150-person attendance limit, and contributed presentations are highly desired. More information, including registration and abstract submission information, can be found on the conference Website at Titles and abstracts for talks can be submitted by email to


  • Challenges in ITM science and applications
  • Important results from recent research
  • New research infrastructure: Missions and facilities
  • Strategic plans for implementation: Meeting Products


  • 14 November: First announcement and call for papers
  • 8 December: Second announcement and call for papers
  • 16 January: Deadline for submission of abstracts
  • 23 January: Finalization of program

Organizers -J. Clemmons, Aerospace -P. Anderson, UT Dallas -W. Bristow, U. Alaska -K. Hand, Aerospace -O. de La Beaujardiere, AFRL -T. Immel, UC Berkeley -J. Kozyra, U. Michigan -A. Mannucci, JPL -L. Paxton, JHU/APL -R. Pfaff, NASA/GSFC -A. Ridley, U. Michigan -R. Robinson, NSF -S. Solomon, UCAR -J. Spann, NASA/MSFC -J. Thayer, U. Colorado ( -R. Walterscheid, Aerospace