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From Tao (Titus) Yuan (titus.yuan at on 05 June 2012.

Dear Colleagues:

We are inviting you to join and present your latest exciting results in this year's CEDAR individual workshop titled "New Discoveries and Advances by Lidar from Polar to Tropical Regions" on Thursday (June 28) from 13:30 to 18:00.


  • Xinzhao Chu, University of Colorado at Boulder, Xinzhao.Chu at
  • Tao Yuan, Utah State University, titus.yuan at
  • Gary Swenson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, swenson1 at
  • Jeff Thayer, University of Colorado at Boulder, Jeffrey.Thayer at
  • Biff Williams, biff at


The workshop is to show the latest MLT observations from lidar system located from equatorial to polar region, as well as the most resent lidar techniques for upper atmospheric research.The renewed Consortium of Resonance and Rayleigh Lidars (CRRL) are enhancing the coordinated community effort for lidar innovation and science advancement. Collaborative studies among lidar groups and with co-located radar, imager, ionosonde, etc. and with satellite measurements have provided new potentials for multi-dimensional studies of the global upper atmosphere. This lidar workshop will provide a platform for the newest results to be presented, stimulating more science collaborations among observations, data analysis and modeling, and seeking new science potentials.

Both observations and modeling are welcome to this workshop, as well as the discussion on lidar technology. Please let me know if you are interested in presenting. Thank you very much!


Dr. Tao (Titus) Yuan

Research Assistant Professor

CASS, Physics Department

Utah State University

Logan UT, 84322-4405