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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 08 Apr 2011. Meetings and jobs are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'. CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'. All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.

(1) Early deadline to propose special sessions at the Fall AGU is 20 April.

From: Aaron Ridley <ridley at>,Larisa Goncharenko <lpg at>, Ian G Richardson <ian.g.richardson at>.

Dear colleagues,

Please remember that the new deadline for Fall AGU Session Proposals is April 20th. This is many weeks before the normal deadline. If you want a special session, please submit a proposal in the next few weeks. Also, please look through the list of special sessions already submitted to see if there is one that may be synergistic with the one that you are considering. It is often better to have a larger session with more broad interest than a highly focused session which may only receive a few abstracts submitted to it. There is a good chance that we will have to combine smaller sessions to allow the AGU-mandated nominal 33% oral slots (e.g., for a single 2-hour oral session with 8 talks, AGU would expect to have at least 24 abstracts submitted to the session.)

You can submit proposal and view submitted session proposal from the AGU web site:


SPA Secretaries,
SH section, Ian Richardson,, 301-286-3079
SM section, Aaron Ridley,, 734-764-5727
SA section, Larisa Goncharenko,, 781-981-5622