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from Louise Gentile (

First Announcement

Workshop on C/NOFS Results and Equatorial Dynamics May 18-20, 2010

The next C/NOFS Science Workshop will be held May 18 – 20, 2010 in Breckenridge, Colorado. The goal of this meeting is to address questions related to the equatorial ionosphere, how it is driven from above by the solar wind and from below by the troposphere and mesosphere. Results from the Communication/Navigation Outage Forecasting System (C/NOFS) satellite, as well as other ground and space instruments, will be presented. In particular, data from new missions or instruments such as RAIDS will also provide important insights into the dynamics of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere (IT) system.

The C/NOFS satellite was launched on 16 April 2008 into an equatorial orbit with an apogee of 850 km and perigee of 400 km. The C/NOFS mission is to forecast the ionospheric electron density profile and the presence of ionospheric irregularities that adversely impact communication and navigation systems. Initial C/NOFS results have provided a unique opportunity to study the equatorial ionosphere during this unusually quiet solar minimum.

The scientific sessions will bring together the C/NOFS PIs and Guest Investigators, theoreticians, data analysts, and equatorial ionospheric physicists in a workshop setting that includes both invited and contributed talks, posters, and panel discussions.

A call for abstracts (due April 16) and specifics on hotel reservations will appear in the second announcement.

Session topics include:

  • Solar wind effects, Penetration E-fields, disturbance dynamo
  • Neutral atmosphere, planetary waves, tides, stratospheric warmings and their influence on the equatorial ionosphere
  • Plasma waves, scintillation, irregularity formation and evolution
  • Models and simulation
  • Future space weather missions related to equatorial irregularities and electron density
  • Space weather applications: forecast, specification, and validation

For additional information contact the Organizing Committee:

Odile de La Beaujardière, Rebecca Bishop, Scott Budzien, Bela Fejer, Louise Gentile, Cheryl Huang, Dave Hysell, Jeffrey Klenzing, Linda Krause, Patrick Roddy, Eric Sutton