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From Endawoke Yizengaw (endawoke.kassie at on 9 January 2013.

Dear Members of the CEDAR and Aeronomy community, We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to a special session that we are organizing at the 2013 Beacon Satellite Symposium, which will be held in in Bath, UK during 8-12 July 2013 (see for more information)

The title and description of the session is shown below

Title: "Understanding ionospheric climatology, variability, and irregularities using Multi-Instrument Ionospheric Techniques"

Satellites and ground-based observations have revealed that the ionosphere responds differently at different longitude sectors to the influence from the neutral atmosphere and from the high latitudes. During the past years several ground-based instruments have been deployed, primarily in the African and South American sectors, and new space and ground observation have become available. This session attempts to understand the cause and effect relationships between the ionosphere, atmosphere and magnetosphere through data analysis from multi-instruments observations and theoretical modeling. We welcome papers, which use multi instrument observations and modeling that shed light on relevant physical processes in particular understanding equatorial electrodynamics and coupling processes in different regions that improve our ability to unravel the variability of the equatorial ionosphere with longitude, season, magnetic activity, and solar cycle and to forecast ionospheric scintillation and ambient density. Other papers using multi-instrument data (for instance from dual-frequency LEO and ground GNSS receivers and altimeters), to improve our knowledge of the ionosphere at regional or global scale, are also welcome.

Conveners: Endawoke Yizengaw ( and Manuel Hernandez-Pajares (

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