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Subject: Aeronomy Session at the 2009 Fall AGU Meeting From: Louise Beierle <> Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:05:24 -0600 To:

2009 Fall AGU, SA-09 : Causes and Effects of Ionospheric Density Gradients

The conveners of the above noted AGU session solicit abstracts that would contribute to a broadly-based discussion and exposition on the physics and physical effects of ionospheric density gradients. Recent space-based measurements continue to provide surprises that challenge current understanding and the modeling efforts that unify disparate observations. The AGU meeting provides the opportunity to show the latest results and discuss them with interested colleagues. We hope for an interactive comparison of theory and measurements from research groups around the world.

Respectfully brought to your attention by conveners:

Odile De La Beaujardiere Rod Heelis Thomas Immel Carlos Martinis