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1) Updates on Taiwan AIDA for THEMIS

  From: Jih-Hong Shue (
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Taiwan Ascii and Idl_save Data Archives (AIDA) for Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) is an alternative web server for downloading THEMIS level-2 data. Taiwan AIDA for THEMIS regularly archives THEMIS data in ASCII and IDL SAVE format and its data can be downloaded in a particular data set for multiple dates or all data sets for a particular date. Now the data system has a new plotting function, allowing users to create a plot of positions of themis probes on a web browser for a quick look or in various figure format (ps, pdf, and png) for presentations or publications. Options are also provided for adjusting plotting ranges and marking the positions of the magnetopause and the bow shock driven by the OMNI solar wind data. The web page of Taiwan AIDA for THEMIS can be accessed on e_data_download.php. Click the link 'Positions of THEMIS Probes' on Data Services to load a form, enter some related information, and create a customized plot. A poster for a demonstration of the new plotting function (SM43A-1727) will be presented by Beson Lee at a session New Perspective on Substorms in the 2008 AGU Fall Meeting in the afternoon of December 18 (Thursday).