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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 13 April, 2015. CEDAR email messages are at . and meetings are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings'.

(1) 2015 CEDAR Workshop registration now on-line.

From Kendra Greb (kgreb at and Barbara Emery (emery at

We are excited to present the new 2015 CEDAR Workshop registration website at

Due to the current funding climate, our new three year CEDAR Workshop and community proposal has been reduced. In the past, CEDAR has funded 130-150 students each year, but the current student funding has been reduced to 100 students. The CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC) is committed to supporting as many students as possible. Therefore, to partially compensate for the limited resources the CSSC has decided on the following:

1) Only students who present a poster should receive funding. Students do not have to be first author but must present a poster.

2) We have increased all registration fees by $25.

3) We have eliminated breakfast each morning except for the NSF Student Breakfast, to be held on Monday, June 22.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

Barbara and Kendra