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19 January 2012 from Anne Smith (

We are seeking a PhD student to join our team working on the

"Derivation of atomic oxygen and temperature in the middle atmosphere and how they are affected by global change"

The Earth middle atmosphere is the least explored and understood region of the Earth climate system. It is a transition region between the lower atmosphere, where climate change will affect human life directly, and the space environment, where the sun masks signs of anthropogenic changes. Key parameters in this context are the atomic oxygen abundance and temperature in the mesosphere / lower thermosphere. During this thesis, a photochemical model for electronically excited atomic oxygen will be developed to retrieve atomic oxygen abundance from green line emission rates as measured by a satellite. Using this data, a non-local thermodynamic equilibrium model for CO2 and OH to retrieve temperature data will be improved and applied to infra red remote sensing data. Finally, these datasets will be analysed with respect to solar influences and climate change. This work will give a deep insight into middle atmosphere chemistry, satellite and ground-based remote sensing techniques, modelling of radiative transfer in the atmosphere, and how climate change affects the atmosphere.

The thesis will be conducted in the framework of the Helmholtz Graduate School in Energy- and Climate Research ( Host institution is Forschungszentrum Juelich, Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Stratosphere (IEK-7), Germany. The project will be conducted in collaboration with University of Wuppertal (Prof. Martin Riese, Prof. R. Koppmann), National Centre for Space Science, Beijing, China (Prof. Jiyao Xu), and National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, USA (Dr. Anne Smith).

The candidate should have a M.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry or Applied Mathematics and have very good programming skills, preferably in python.

For more information please contact Martin Kaufmann, Forschungszentrum Juelich, IEK-7,

Please package your application into one pdf file and submit your application electronically until 8 February 2012 to (CC:

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