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From Jorg Gumbel (gumbel at on 20 December 2012.

Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position as Associate Senior Lecturer in Atmospheric Physics at the Department of Meteorology. Application deadline is January 31, 2013. Please find complete information and instructions under

”Atmospheric Physics” as defined here include studies of the stratosphere, mesosphere and lower thermosphere, the coupling between these, as well as the coupling to the climate system as a whole. Main tasks are research and to some extent teaching and supervision. Research in Atmospheric Physics at the Department of Meteorology encompasses today dynamic coupling, radiative interaction, chemical composition and particle processes in the altitude range 10-150 km. The research builds on engagements in major projects involving sounding rockets, satellite and lidar, as well as related theoretical and modeling studies.

An associate senior lecturer is normally employed for 4 years. An associate senior lecturer can apply for promotion to a tenured position as senior lecturer.

Qualification requirements: A person who has been awarded a Ph.D. is qualified for employment as an associate university lecturer. Preference is given to candidates awarded their degree no more than seven years before the closing date for applications. In the assessment, special weight will be given to scientific proficiency. Some weight will also be given to teaching proficiency. When merits are similar according to the general criteria, the following should be considered as special merits: ability to teach in a broad range of the departmental curriculum, documented experience of combining experimental and modeling activities, documented experience of working with processes coupling the stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere.

Information regarding the position can be provided by the Head of the Department of Meteorology, Professor Michael Tjernstrom, telephone e-mail michaelt at Questions regarding application process and appointment procedure can be answered by faculty administrator Mikael Stenberg, e-mail mikael.stenberg at

In order to apply for this position, please use the Stockholm University web-based application form. Please find detailed instructions under

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