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Call for Papers: 2011 URSI National Meeting Session:

   "Lightning and its Interaction with the Ionosphere"

From: Morris Cohen <> and

     Steve Cummer <>

2011 URSI National Meeting: Boulder, Colorado, January 5-8, 2011

Joint session organized by Commissions G and H: Lightning and its Interaction with the Ionosphere

This session will cover all aspects of coupling between lightning and the ionosphere/thermosphere/mesosphere system, and intense electromagnetic emissions from lightning. Papers are solicited on experimental and theoretical results in studies of energetic coupling of tropospheric thunderstorms to the mesospheric and ionospheric regions. Contributions on sprites, jets, elves, terrestrial gamma ray flashes, and related electromagnetic effects are welcome, as are those on related topics, such as the local and global effects of these processes, the characteristics of lightning responsible for these phenomena, and other related nonlinear electromagnetic wave/ionosphere interactions.

The DEADLINE for online submission of abstracts is SEPTEMBER 24, 2010.

The web page contains general information along with abstract submission instructions and guidelines. To submit an abstract, go to submissions and follow the link from there. Last year's login accounts remain active on the system.

In addition, all full papers and advisor letters for the Ernest K. Smith Student Paper Competition are due on the same date. Please see prize-paper-competition for more information.

Travel funding is also available for most students presenting papers at URSI NRSM. Completed applications for the USNC-URSI Student Travel Support program are due also due on Friday, September 24. Please see for eligibility and full requirements.

Please also email a copy of your submission to the session organizers (listed above). Note that this copy does not substitute for the required online submission.