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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 21 March 2014. Meetings and jobs are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'. CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'. All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.

(1) 2014 CEDAR Workshop page is now online - deadlines in May

From Barbara Emery <emery at>.

The 2014 CEDAR Workshop registration page is now online and linked at

This page also links to deadlines, lodging, student information, and the agenda. The first important deadline is Friday 16 May for students to register (and ask for their dormitory lodging on-line), and for all to submit required poster abstracts via on-line registration. Students should have their plane reservations by Monday 19 May if they want a refund at the start of the meeting. Late plane reservations may not be totally reimbursed if their prices are significantly different than what is listed in the student information.