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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention the announcement for Call for papers for the JASTP Special Issue on "Atmospheric Coupling Processes in the Sun-Earth System". Those of you considering submitting an article may please send an email with a possible title to any of the Guest editors, which will help us organize this Special Issue better. Thank you.

Best regards, -- D. Pallamraju

The details are given below:


CALL FOR PAPERS in JASTP Special Issue on: “Atmospheric Coupling Processes in the Sun-Earth System”

Editors: Duggirala Pallamraju (, Charles Lin (, and Gang Lu (

The deadline for submission of papers is: 10 December 2010.

The Earth’s atmospheric regions are intricately coupled to one another via dynamical, chemical, and electrodynamical processes in addition to the processes that exist due to the solar & interplanetary effects. The coupling and the energy exchange in the Sun-Earth system can be characterized into short-scales (hours to days, e.g., the time scale of space weather), medium-scales (seasonal, annual, etc.), and long-scales (solar cycle). Several new observations in the recent past have revealed a close connection between the dynamical processes in the lower atmosphere with that of the temporal and spatial variability in the thermosphere and the ionosphere, such as the existence of diurnal eastward modes 3 or 4 in the plasma densities being closely associated with the convective structures in the low-altitude atmosphere, stratospheric sudden warming events in high-latitudes showing enhanced features in neutral and ionized parameters in the upper atmosphere at low latitudes, and propagation of waves from high- to low-latitudes, especially during space weather events.

We solicit papers for publication in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics (JASTP) Special Issue on “Atmospheric Coupling Processes in the Sun-Earth System” that specifically deal with the coupling processes or coupled interactions in the Sun-Earth system. That is, those works that highlight how the variability in one latitude /altitude/ region is coupled with the variability in other location(s)/region(s). These include coupling processes in the lower-upper atmosphere, magnetosphere-ionosphere, high-to-low latitude, Solar-wind / interplanetary medium to the magnetosphere, in addition to neutral – plasma coupling processes. Realizing the importance of these coupling processes global scale observational campaigns have been carried out under the auspices of major international programs such as, the Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES) and the International Heliophysical Year (IHY), and several new insights are emerging from these experiments as well. We welcome papers that deal with experiments, observations, modeling, and data analysis that advance our understanding of the coupling processes within the domain of the Sun-Earth system. All manuscripts will undergo peer review process as per the guidelines set by JASTP. Accepted papers will be published online in a timely fashion without having to wait for the readiness of other papers submitted to this Special Issue. Those of you considering submitting an article may send an email with probable title to any of the editors as soon as possible. That will help us organize this Special Issue better.

Instructions for submission: 1) Go to the JASTP website ( 2) Login as author and click on "Submit New Manuscript" tab. 3) Under “Choose Article Type” button, select "SPECIAL ISSUE: Atmospheric Coupling" and then upload your paper to be considered for inclusion in this special issue.

The deadline for submission of papers is: 10 December 2010.


-- Dr. D. Pallamraju, Associate Professor, Space and Atmospheric Sciences Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009, INDIA Email:; URL: Phone: +91-79-26314658; Fax: +91-79-26314659 _______________________________________________ Cedar_email mailing list