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From Jorg Gumbel (gumbel at on 22 April 2013.

Two Ph.D. student positions in Atmospheric Physics at Stockholm University

From J. Gumbel (gumbel at

The Department of Meteorology (MISU) at Stockholm University, Sweden, invites applicants for two fully funded Ph.D. student positions in Atmospheric Physics. Application deadline is May 2, 2013. Please find complete information and instructions under

The two positions concern the topics "Influences of solar variability on the Earth's atmosphere" and "Dynamical vs. solar control of the Earth's mesosphere".

At the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (, research and education is conducted in an international environment. The four main research areas are atmospheric physics, dynamic meteorology, physical oceanography and chemical meteorology. Around 75 people are working at the department, of which around 25 are teachers and scientists and 30 are Ph.D. students. Research in Atmospheric Physics at the department concerns studies of the stratosphere, mesosphere and lower thermosphere, the coupling between these, as well as the coupling to the climate system as a whole. These activities build on projects involving satellites, sounding rockets and lidar, as well as related theoretical and modeling studies.

For further information contact Jorg Gumbel (gumbel at

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