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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 24 May 2014. Meetings and jobs are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'. CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'. All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.

(1) CEDAR Hotel blocks until Sunday 25 May and Student Competition Posters should submit .pdfs by Friday 20 June.

From Barbara Emery (emery at

The CEDAR hotels, Deca and Silver Cloud, near the University of Washington in Seattle have special blocks for participants that end on Sunday May 25. Please book your hotel room before Memorial Day (Monday May 26). Prices and details at

The .pdf files of plenary talks at the CEDAR Workshop have been linked to the annual agendas since 2007. Individual workshop pages also started in 2007, and .pdf files of these talks have been encouraged for archive purposes. In 2013, .pdfs of posters for archive were introduced as links to the individual IT and MLT poster lists, but very few were linked after the meeting. Starting this year, the judges want .pdfs of the student posters in competition to be linked to the IT and MLT poster lists by Friday June 20, just before the annual meeting. This will help judges look at posters a little early, and will also help in the judging so judges can stay in their judging room instead of congregating in the poster session area. This is not a requirement this year, but it is strongly encouraged. Other poster presenters are also encouraged to link .pdfs of their posters either before or after the workshop for archive purposes. The MLT and IT poster session lists will be available soon under the Poster heading of the 2014 Workshop page at which also has links to poster criteria, judging sheets, and past poster winners. Links to the abstracts for 2014 are at .