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This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 25 June 2011. Meetings and jobs are listed at under 'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'. CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'. All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.

(1) CEDAR-GEM individual workshops, 26 June-01 July 2011, Santa Fe, NM,

  • (a)CEDAR workshop "Theoretical and experimental studies of the low-latitude thermosphere-ionosphere system" on Tues 28 Jun.


From Fabiano Rodrigues (frodrigues at

Conveners: Odile de La Beajuardiere, Gang Lu, Jonathan Makela and Fabiano Rodrigues

In the past few years, new hypotheses and theories describing equatorial spread F initiation and development have been proposed. New and exciting ground-based and in-situ observations of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere (IT) at low-latitudes have also been made. Additionally, numerical modeling capabilities of the low-latitude IT have significantly improved. This workshop will provide an opportunity for the CEDAR community to present and discuss results of theoretical and experimental studies related to the low-latitude IT system; emphasizing equatorial spread F (ESF).

The workshop welcomes contributions on experimental investigations, theoretical analyses and numerical simulation studies, including assimilative models of the low-latitude ionosphere, and non-linear models of ESF. The presentation of results related to observations of the low-latitude IT or phenomena related to ESF, especially those made by new ground stations, by C/NOFS and results from the spreadFEx2 campaign in Brazil are expected. Additionally, we anticipate contributions related to studies of the effects of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling processes on the low-latitude thermosphere/ionosphere and ESF as well as on the effects caused by the coupling with the lower and neutral atmosphere.

Morning Session (June 28, Tuesday, 10:00AM-12:00PM)

1. (10:00-10:17) Low-Latitude Plasma Density Enhancements: Theory and Observation, JH Klenzing, DE Rowland, RF Pfaff, G Le, H Freudenreich, RA Haaser, AG Burrell, RA Stoneback, WR Coley, and RA Heelis

2. (10:17-10:34) Vertical Winds in the Equatorial Region: Implications for F-region Stability, J. Meriwether

3. (10:34-10:51). Longitudinal variations in the F-region ionosphere and the topside ionosphere/plasmasphere: observations and model simulations, Nick Pedatella

4. (10:51-11:08am) Periodic structures in the equatorial ionosphere, Cheryl Huang

5. (11:08-11:25) Modulation of equatorial electrojet plasma waves by overshielding electric field during geomagnetic storms, E. B. Shume, E. R. de Paula, and M. A. Abdu

6. (11:25 – 11:42) Generation and evolution of broad plasma depletions in the equatorial ionosphere near dawn: C/NOFS measurements and simulations, Chaosong Huang, O. de La Beaujardiere, J. M. Retterer, P. A. Roddy, D. E. Hunton, J. O. Ballenthin,

7. (11:42-12:00) Update on DC Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, and Plasma Irregularities Observed on the C/NOFS Satellite, R. Pfaff

Afternoon Session (June 28, Tuesday, 01:30PM-03:30PM)

1. (1:30-1:47) Numerical simulations of equatorial ionospheric irregularities, D. Hysell, H. Aveiro and R. Ilma

2. (1:47-2:04) Seasonal Meridional Drifts and the Occurrence of Irregularities observed by C/NOFS, Russell Stoneback

3. (2:04 – 2:21) SAMI3/ESF Modeling of Observed Phenomena Associated with Equatorial Spread-F, J. Krall, J. D. Huba and G. Joyce

4. (2:21 – 2:38) Equatorial Spread F occurrence variations over Jicamarca and longitude variations of the prereversal enhancement near solar minimum, E. E. Pacheco 1, B. G. Fejer 1, J. L. Chau 2, R. A. Heelis 3and R. A. Stoneback 3

5. (2:38-2:55) Equatorial Plasma Bubbles Generated by the Fields of WAM, the Whole Atmosphere Model, J. Retterer

6. (2:55-3:12) Scintillation Prediction From DMSP/SSUSI UV Observations, Joseph Comberiate

7. (3:12-3:30) Kinetic Simulations of Small-Scale Spread-F, Yann Tambouret