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From Geoff Crowley (gcrowley at on 25 November 2012.

Senior Research Scientist/Engineer Position at ASTRA, Boulder

ASTRA LLC is a growing business in Boulder, CO. We are recognized worldwide for creative solutions in fundamental space research, and technology development. Our mission is to develop and exploit innovative concepts for industry and government by combining fundamental research, scientific expertise, and technology. ASTRA has a reputation for over-delivering to our customers.

Our existing research and engineering projects include modeling of the upper atmosphere, development and deployment of ground-based and space-based instruments for upper atmosphere/space weather applications, Cubesats, and Lidar applications.

There is now an opportunity to grow other divisions within the company. ASTRA provides a dynamic team environment, and we envisage growing our team in the areas of solar, magnetosphere, and ionosphere-thermosphere science and applications. However, we welcome candidates with research interests in other areas (e.g. oceanography, seismology, lidar, radar). The ideal candidate must demonstrate a strong record of externally funded research, publications, and professional leadership. Successful candidates are expected to build a strong program of funded research. Candidates with a background in theory, modeling, instrument development or technology applications are invited to submit their resume, with a list of three professional references.

ASTRA recognizes and rewards superior performance. We offer a competitive benefits package, which includes profit sharing, 401K, and medical insurance. Salary will depend on experience and qualifications. ASTRA is an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce.

Please send resumes to Dr. Geoff Crowley at

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