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From Kolbjørn Blix Dahle (kolbjorn at on 26 June 2012.

Dear Colleagues and friends.

You are hereby invited to The Special Session on Sounding Rockets – “US/Norway Collaborative Rocket Science” is to be held on Thursday 28th at 1:30 – 3:30 PM at meeting room “DeVargas”. More info is available on this web page:

Following the workshop there will be an evening meeting in the Transatlantic Sounding Rocket Working Group (TSRWG) on Thursday 28th at 7 PM – 9 PM. Location will be announced later. The conveners for both events are Miguel Larsen, Jøran Moen and Kolbjorn Blix Dahle. The TSRWG was initiated during a meeting at NSF in Washington DC, April 2011 to improve coordination between US/Norwegian sounding rocket projects and the ground based instrument communities.

The agenda for the evening TSRWG meeting is like this:

1. Summary of minutes from last meeting in Washington DC, April 2011

a. MOU

b. Working Group mandate

c. Report from secretariat at ARR

2. Working group membership, US and Norwegian contact persons

3. Ongoing projects

a. Status of Norwegian rocket projects

b. Status of US projects

c. Status of US/Norway collaboration

4. Plans for future projects

a. Norway

b. US

c. Discussions of potential collaboration and related challenges

5. Relevant ground-based instrumentation

a. Univ of Alaska Fairbanks

b. Wallops


d. UNIS Svalbard


6. Educational aspects

7. Funding situation

a. US (NASA, NSF, other sources)

b. Norway (NFR,NSC, other sources)

c. Exchange programs (Fulbright, SIU, EU…)

8. Range status (ARR,SvalRak,Poker,Wallops,others)

9. Any other business

10. Date, time and venue for next meeting

Hope to see you there!

On behalf of the organizing committee:

Kolbjørn Blix Dahle Head of Marketing Department Andøya Rocket Range P.O. Box 54, NO-8483 Andenes, Norway

Direct dialing (+47) 76 14 45 42 Mobile (+47) 97 15 18 64 Fax (+47) 76 14 44 01

E-mail: Web-site:

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