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Dear Colleagues

Please find attached a reminder about the second EISCAT_3D users meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, next month – the registration deadline for which is approaching. Apologies if some of you receive multiple copies of this email by different routes !

With best regards

Ian McCrea

EISCAT_3D Users Meeting

The EISCAT Scientific Association is presently preparing the way for its next-generation incoherent scatter radar project, known as EISCAT_3D, which will take the form of a distributed network of phased array radars in northern Scandinavia. A proposal for funding of the Preparatory Phase of the project was made to the European Union last year, and detailed negotiations are now underway about the activities to be funded during a four-year programme starting on October 1st 2010.

An open meeting for prospective users of the EISCAT_3D facility will take place at the Angstrom Laboratory of Uppsala University, Sweden, from May 19 to 21 2010 (Wednesday to Friday). The aim of the meeting is to present the plans for preparatory phase activities to the user community, and to continue the process of gathering their scientific requirements, in order to kick off the preparatory work package on scientific planning and user engagement.

We invite all scientists from around the world who have an interest in using the new facility to attend this meeting, discuss the current plans and contribute their own ideas.

Registration for the meeting can be carried out via the meeting website

which also includes details of the programme, information about accommodation and contacts for further information. The deadline for registration is May 3rd 2010. We look forward to seeing you in Uppsala !

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