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From Geoff Crowley (gcrowley at on 29 July 2013.

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to submit an abstract to the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting Special Session SA008: GNSS/GPS Based Ionospheric Space Weather Monitoring.


The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has become a ubiquitous tool for global ionospheric monitoring. GNSS measurements have enabled both global and regional studies of ionospheric Total Electron Content (TEC), ionospheric scintillation, and travelling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs), and have aided recent advances in ionospheric specification and forecast modeling efforts. This session solicits papers on ionospheric measurements and monitoring using GNSS techniques. Papers related to new measurements of ionospheric TEC and scintillations, TIDs, and advances in GNSS-based ionospheric monitoring are appropriate for this session. Modeling and theory related to GNSS measurements of the ionosphere, and their interpretation are also welcomed.

The abstract submission deadline is Tuesday, August 6.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Best Wishes!

Conveners: Geoff Crowley (ASTRA), Charlie Carrano (Boston College), Rebecca Bishop (The Aerospace Corp.), Susan Skone (University of Calgary)