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From Brentha Thurairajah on 30 April 2012.

Call for papers: JASTP special issue - Layered Phenomena in the Mesopause Region

From: Brentha Thurairajah <brenthat at>

Submissions are now being accepted for a special issue of the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, highlighting recent advances in our understanding of ice layers in the region of the mesopause and the environment in which they form. In addition to the papers presented at the 10th International Workshop on the Layered Phenomena in the Mesopause Region in Blacksburg, Virginia on 24-27 October 2011, we invite all relevant papers from the community.

The submission website for the journal is located at: Remember to select "10th LPMR" as the 'Article Type' in the submission process.

Deadline for submission: 21 May 2012

Guest Editors: Scott Bailey, Matthew DeLand, Franz-Josef Lübken, James Russell, Wayne Scales, Brentha Thurairajah

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